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cutter & production assistant

Are you looking for a fun, detail oriented garment manufacturing job in a great, familial work environment?  Apliiq is seeking a motivated, sharp, detailed individual to join our production team.

Function and Scope:
•    Coordinate and prepare the production of Apliiq products efficiently and with the highest degree of quality. 
•    Use Apliiq's order management system to fulfill production needs.
•    Cut and iron patches to specified patterns.
•    Cut and sew packaging materials.
•    Finish garments when necessary.
•    Assist the Company with other tasks as needed.

Duties and Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
•    assisting in house production by cutting fabric, ironing, and/or folding garments
•    checking for quality assurance of base garments
•    cutting loose threads
•    product finishing
•    cutting and sewing packaging materials
•    keeping the production space clean and organized

Expected Knowledge & Abilities:
•    Diligent Quality Assurance (QA) skills and an understanding of how the product must look
•    Knowledge of cutting and ironing to specified patterns

If you are interested, please send resume and cover letter to

platform evangelist intern

Want a fun, rewarding internship that merges sales, marketing, social media and custom fashion?  Then look no further.

Apliiq is a platform for cut and sew creativity.  We collect hundreds of rare, deadstock and classic fabrics and provide them as an interactive palate for customizing everyday apparel and accessories.  We pride ourselves in our creative, team-oriented work environment that celebrates and supports each others strengths.  Our workshop is located in an old warehouse building in the Downtown LA Arts District next to Little Tokyo.  We’re surrounded by inspiring, creative businesses that motivate us every day.

As platform evangelist you are responsible for growing the number of users on our platform.  You will research, identify, and build a relationship with influential members of our demographic, with the ultimate goal of getting them to promote Apliiq to their audience.  

You will work with influencers to run a campaign to their social audience.  You will be responsible for onboarding, scheduling, and coordinating social campaigns.  All of your activities will be tracked in our CRM.

You will be supported by Apliiq’s excellent team of manufacturing, marketing, photography, and design personnel.  This is the perfect job for someone starting a career in social media marketing, sales or business development.

Function and Scope: 

•    research the web to identify target influencers
•    network to gain access to influencers
•    grow and develop list of prospective influencers
•    conduct outreach via, phone, email, & social networks
•    follow up regularly with social influencers
•    assist influencers in designing their own products
•    provide product information to production team
•    photograph products for social posting
•    assist influencer in conducting social sale
•    send invoices and follow up with customers
•    record sales results
•    develop and maintain ongoing relationships with influencers

knowledge, abilities, skillsets and requirements:
•    master communicator, well spoken and written, both clear and concise
•    friendly, outgoing demeanor to attract influencers and build lasting relationships
•    passion for networking, social media, and relationship building
•    driven by an innate desire to succeed
•    keeps calm under pressure
•    organized
•    attention to detail
•    ability to send accurate invoices
•    ability to use email, excel, google docs, paypal & sales tracking tools
•    sales experience a plus

If you are interested, please send resume and cover letter to


operations intern

apliiq is seeking an operations intern for part-time to full-time commitment in los angeles, ca. the ideal candidate is adept in a blend of order production & fulfillment and customer service.

order production & fulfillment:

•    participate in the production and fulfillment process
•    use order management software to track orders through production

•    drive to receive and deliver the supplies
•    pair fabrics and garments

•    perform quality assurance

•    cut loose threads

•    product finishing 

•    package and ship orders
•    print shipping labels

•    add postage to package
•    send tracking info to customers

•    update inventory of fabrics, garments and products
•    wash fabrics for production use
•    maintain a clean working environment

customer service:

•    solid understanding and compassion for what it means to be a customer
•    answering and managing email and telephone customer service inquiries 

•    use salesmanship to encourage potential customers

•    uploading images to websites to launch new products for customers to buy

•    inform customers of back-orders and other delays

skillsets and requirements:
•    master communicator, well spoken and written, both clear and concise
•    friendly, understanding demeanor to appease customers and outside vendors
•    trustworthy, responsible, dependable, intelligent, dedicated
•    passion for delivering extraordinary customer service
•    extremely detail oriented
•    keeps calm under pressure

knowledge and abilities (on site training provided as needed):
•    diligent quality assurance (qa) skills and an understanding of how the product must look
•    word, excel, google docs

•    ability to compose coherent, concise emails with correct grammar
•    ability to adapt quickly to changes and create solutions to unforeseen challenges

•    track and reduce error rates, ensuring only quality items are shipped
•    do whatever possible to ensure no order is delayed
•    deliver extraordinary customer service support

why should you work for apliiq?
•    start-up culture
•    opportunity for your work to make an impact
•    build towards mastery in valuable skillsets
•    long term opportunity to grow with a company
•    positive and fun loving work environment
•    great opportunity where ecommerce and fashion meet

if you are interested, please send resume and cover letter to

creative intern

function and scope: is seeking a creative intern to assist with planning and the execution of photo projects and social media. this involves preparing garments, setting up the studio lights or finding shooting locations. takes photos of the models in necessary angles and with appropriate accessories. edits photographs per apliiq standards. creates and designs marketing content that attracts attention, generates interest, and is easily shared with social networks. schedules content dissemination on social media outlets with appropriate links to a wide degree of creativity is expected.

duties and responsibilities may include but are not limited to:
•    preparing garments for photo shoots
•    assist in studio, lifestyle, and lookbook photography
•    photo editing, re-sizing and re-touching
•    photograph products and upload images to and other affiliated sales channels
•    uploading media content to social media outlets
•    keeping the photography space and equipment clean, running well, and organized
•    updating older images to new photography standards
•    work independently as required

knowledge and abilities:

•    knowledge of basic photography and functions of a dslr camera
•    ability to edit photos and create well designed content per apliiq standards
•    knowledge of photoshop and other image and video manipulation software
•    must meet deadlines and be detail-oriented

•    must provide own dslr camera and laptop with access to photoshop or a similar photo-editing software
•    commit to 3 days a week
•    school credit opportunities available

•    creative beautiful, thoughtful, fun, inspiring content for apliiq channels
•    spread the word about apliiq's creative mission and platform
•    create new ways to visually interact with customers
•    school credit opportunities available

if you are interested, please send resume and cover letter to

other opportunities

Of course, there's always more to do.... Here are some other talents that we'd like more of at Apliiq.

Blog out reach - finding relevant blogs and getting them to post about Apliiq Group out reach - finding and pitching Apliiq to groups/companies/teams/students

Blog posting - writing stories that relate to Apliiq, finding new ways to explain what we do, share interesting fabric photos and histories with our readers

Facebooking - you know, tag your friends in Apliiq, follow our customers, befriend them, chat them up, get their suggestions for improving Apliiq, gather demographic data

Sales repping - get your friends to buy Apliiq, get small boutiques to buy Apliiq, get your little brother to sell Apliiq to his friends, get your mama to buy Apliiq for her mama.

If you are interested in getting involved at Apliiq, please email your resume and cover letter to