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How To Setup Apliiq Campaigns

Setting up a campaign is easy and this article will explain what every campaign field means and how to use campaigns to be successful.

Campaign Name: Your campaign name is prominently displayed on your campaign page for your customers to see and will be used for you to locate the campaign from your account. We recommend you choose a campaign name that is specific to you and is descriptive of the product you are selling.

Campaign Description: This is your chance to tell your customers all about your campaign and the extra special product you have created to celebrate it. Essentially, you should tell your customers why they have to buy this product right now. If your campaign is to support a great cause let people know it. If your campaign is the first design of a fall collection you are releasing, let them know. If your design features artwork from a famous designer or influencer, let them know. Ok, you get the idea.

Sales Goal: Your sales goal is the MINIMUM number of items that you will sell to make your campaign successful. If you do not sell this many of your product, your campaign will not be successfully funded and all of your customers will be refunded. You are allowed to oversell your campaign, meaning you can sell more than your sales goal. You will need to set a goal of at least 5 units and up to 200 units. The larger a goal you set for yourself, the lower your cost to manufacture your product. If you are just getting started, we recommend you set a modest goal of 5 to 10 units. If you have an established audience or have a sophisticated marketing strategy feel free to set a larger goal!

Sale Price: One of the best features of setting up a campaign is that you get to set your own price for your item. This is the price your customers will pay to purchase your item. We recommend setting reasonable prices points. While it would be awesome to sell 50 t-shirts for $75 each, in most cases that high of a price is difficult to justify for customers. You will also notice that as you update your sales price your estimated profit for the campaign is updated automatically.

Campaign Duration: The campaign duration is the amount of time your campaign will run. The countdown starts when you choose to “launch” your campaign (after your campaign is reviewed), so feel free to publish your campaign, even if you aren’t ready to start. Campaign durations can range from 1 hour to 1 month. Typically we recommend a week to run a campaign.

Campaign URL: Your campaign URL is a unique link to your campaign. This is the link you will share with the world when you are promoting your campaign. If you forgot your campaign link, fear not. You can always access your campaign links by clicking the campaign name in your campaigns page