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When Will My Campaign Orders Ship?

The brief answer is that your customers’ orders will ship about two weeks after your campaign has been successfully funded.
Let’s break it down in more detail for you. For example, if you launch a campaign January 1st and promote it for 1 week while you make sales from your community. If you’ve reached your goal, your campaign will be successfully completed on January 8th . At that time, your orders will enter production which is typically about 1 - 2 weeks for the Apliiq team to bring your products to life. You can generally estimate your customers’ orders would be completed in production around January 20th. At that point, your orders will ship individually to all of your customers and your customers will receive tracking information for their packages. Shipping times may vary depending on what your customer has selected but it could be anywhere from a couple days up to a week for domestic shipping. In this sample timeline, your customers would receive their items around January 27th.
Remember, you don’t have to wait for your customers to receive their items before you start another campaign - use your time wisely and continue the cycle so you continue to build and grow your brand while we take care of the all the production and fulfillment for you!