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How Am I Charged For Dropshipping?

Here is the great news!

Need some great news today? You got it. It is free to get started dropshipping clothing for your line. Apliiq charges no setup or monthly fees for dropshipping.

The Benefit Of Pay As You Go

One the most beautiful aspects of using a dropshipping program is only paying for items as you use them. When dropshipping, you are not billed for any products until your customer places an order on your website.

Take 2 Minutes Get A Good Understanding Of How The Money Flows

When an order is placed on your store, the payment is deposited directly into the bank account that is associated with your store. It is your responsibility to ensure there are no issues with the payment (fraud, chargeback, etc.) and most payment processing solution gives you adequate tools to address these issues.

If your customer's dropship order contains products that will be fulfilled by Apliiq, the Apliiq Shopify App will automatically process the order. If you don't want your orders automatically processed you can learn about manual review here. When the transaction is processed Apliiq will charge the default card you have setup for dropshipping. You can learn how to setup dropshipping here.

Easy Solutions To Some Common Concerns

  • What if there isn't money available on my card? If you don't have funds available on your card, the order will be placed on hold under your unprocessed orders tab. You can easily fulfill the unprocessed order when you have fund available.
  • What about the delay from when my customer pays till I receive the funds? There can be a 2-3 day delay until the payment clears from your customer and the funds are available. We recommend to have enough credit available to float a few days worth of orders on your card.
  • What if I only have a debit card? As long as your debit card has a VISA logo on it, you can still use it as a credit card.
  • Why doesn't Apliiq take money directly from my customers? Unfortunately, it is not technically possible to intercept that transaction and take a part of it. We have to create a separate transaction between you and Apliiq.