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How Does Pricing Work For Dropshipping

As you consider whether dropshipping is a good option for your clothing line, it is critically important to fully understand how pricing works. As it is key to running a profitable business.

Optimize Profits With Great Products

Each time you design a product on Apliiq.com, you can check the price to dropship that product. The dropshipping price for each product you create is clearly listed as "dropship this product" within the large yellow "next" button. That is the cost you will be charged when Apliiq fulfills that item for you in addition to the shipping fee based on the weight and destination of the product. You can learn more about shipping fees here.

price of a dropshipped t shirt

Take Control Of Your Product Pricing

Once you decide to dropship a product and send it to your store, we will populate a suggested price for your product. However, you can change your product pricing to be whatever you want it to be. You are in complete control of the amount you charge your customers!

You must update the price you charge your customers directly in your online store platform (like Shopify).