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How Does Tracking And Fulfillment Work With Dropshipping?

It’s Probably The Best Part About Dropshipping

Knowing that you have a partner that will individually fold, package and ship your orders for you, completely frees you up to focus on the most important part of your brand, building your brand vision and building customer awareness. Time spent ensuring your customers are absolutely psyched about your brand.

Here’s Exactly How It Works

When we ship your order, the Apliiq dropshipping app will generate a postal tracking code and it will be sent to your store as a fulfillment record associated with the order. If configured properly, your store will automatically email your customer their shipment tracking information. It’s great to know that all of this back and forth happens automatically for you. It’s also great that you can see directly in your store which orders have shipped and which have not.

Not Always Seeing Fulfillment Records In Your Store?

In some circumstances there are configurations within your store that may prevent the Apliiq dropshipping app from properly sending fulfillment tracking information to your store. If you notice that some orders are not marked as fulfilled in your store, but see that they have been fulfilled in your Apliiq orders page, you may have a configuration issue in your store that is preventing fulfillment records from being accepted. Please check the following scenarios to ensure your store is properly configured.

  • It’s required to have your product vendor be set to Apliiq. If you noticed that some of your products were not marked as Vendor = Apliiq, please set the vendor to be Apliiq and add the Apliiq dropshipping app from the Shopify app store directory. Re-adding the app will reinstall it and ensure your products are linked to the Apliiq Fulfillment Location.
  • If you don’t see an Apliiq Fulfillment Location in your Shopify store under Admin > Setting > Locations, app locations section, then re add the Apliiq dropshipping app from the Shopify app directory. The latest version of the app will create an Apliiq Fulfillment location in your store and ensure tracking information is sent properly.
  • If you decide to link your store to a different Apliiq account, it’s best that you uninstall the store from your Shopify account and re-install the app into your store. This will ensure the Apliiq fulfillment location is properly mapped to your Apliiq account.
  • Double check your variants to ensure you have set the correct inventory management settings, your variant page will look like one of the following 2 images depending on the version of Shopify you are running. Ensure you have the correct values set on the highlighted fields.
variant settings for proper tracking and fulfillment

Or your variant screen may look like this;

variant settings for proper tracking and fulfillment view 2

What’s Next?

Kick back and feel good knowing that we got your back in fulfilling and notifying your customers about their order tracking.