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How To Add More Than One Color To A Product

If you want to add more than one color option to a product in your store you’ve come to the right place. This quick article will tell you exactly how to do that.

But before we jump into the details, it’s worthwhile to understand that offering more than one color of a product may not be in the best interest of your store or your clothing line. Many people believe that more options will equate to more sales, but unfortunately in many cases that simply isn’t true. Furthermore, more choices may make your customer’s less happy.

Are Multiple Color Options Hurting You Or Helping You?

We know from working with large fashion brands that products offered in a single color way tend to sell better than products with many color options. There are also multiple different scientific studies that have proven this phenomenon as well like this one, this one, and this blog post sums it up nicely. What’s more, when faced with too much choice, when customer’s do receive a product they’ve purchased they are less happy with it.

So even with all that being said, if you’d still like to proceed with adding multiple colors to a product here’s how to do it.

Step By Step Instructions For Adding Multiple Colors To A Single Product

In order to add multiple colors to a single product, you will need to have an Apliiq account, a Shopify store, and the Apliiq dropshipping app installed.

  1. The first thing to do is simply create a single color design in Apliiq by selecting the product you want, the color, it’s labeling options, upload your artwork, and leave any notes needed to ensure Apliiq manufactures your product correctly.

    Then click the “Next” button and select the “dropship this product option.”

  2. If the product doesn’t exist in your Shopify store yet, click the “add new product to store” option and click the “create new product” option.

  3. Once the product finishes loading to your store, select continue design, change the color of the garment.

    Then click the “Next” button and select the “dropship this product" option again.

    This time go to the tab “add variants to existing products,” select the name of the existing product in your Shopify store.

    When you’ve selected the product you will see the new variants that will be added to your product. Select the price you’d like to charge for the product and click “add variants.”

    You can repeat step 3 to add as many color variants as you want to your product.

A Word Of Caution

Be sure to select the correct products when sending extra variants to your products. If you send variants to the incorrect product, you will need to go to your store and remove the incorrect variants from your product.