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How To Manually Review Orders

One of the best aspects of dropshipping is that it requires little to no work from you as a seller to get orders shipped out to customers. By default, Apliiq will automatically process orders from your store so we can immediately begin fulfilling them for you.

However, there are some circumstances where you may want to review orders prior to them being fulfilled by Apliiq. You can active manual review for dropshipping orders directly on the dropshipping page of your account.

How manual reviewing dropshipping orders works

Here is how manual review works. When manual review is activated Apliiq will still receive all orders from your store, however, we will not attempt to charge your card for these orders automatically. Instead, the orders will be placed in the unprocessed orders section of your orders page. You can learn more about how unprocessed orders work here.

The most common reasons why you may want to manually review orders

  • If you are just getting started with dropshipping and you are interested to see how everything works, manually reviewing all orders maybe for you. It will allow you to particpate more actively in the fulfillment of your orders.
  • If you want to test orders to see how they flow from Shopify to Apliiq activating manual review can be very helpful. Once manual review is activated Apliiq will not charge your card, but you can still see the orders on the Apliiq website. You can simply decline the orders once you have confirmed everything is working as you expect.
  • In some cases you maybe concerned about fraud or illegitimate orders and you don't want your card to be charged until you have reviewed each transaction.
  • If you have limited credit available on your credit card or debit card and don't want your card to be automatically processed, using manual review will allow you to control exactly when and how much your card is charged.