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How To Setup International Shipping Rates For Dropshipping?

Selling your products in international markets can be very attractive. Not only are you expanding the potential size of the market for your products but there is also a prestige to offer your products worldwide. It’s for these exact reasons that we will fulfill orders to your international customers.

A Quick Word Of Caution For International Dropshipping

However, as any experienced merchant will tell you shipping to international customers can be challenging to say the least. From setting up shipping providers and rates, to troubleshooting shipping issues for your international customers international shipping can require a bit of of extra work and patience. The good news is that we handle most of the complexity of international shipping for you.

Setting Up International Shipping Rates

With that being said it is still your responsibility to charge your customers (if you want to, we definitely recommend it) for international shipping fees. The reason it’s important to charge for international shipping is because it can be very expensive.

A very simple way to get started with international dropshipping

If you are just getting started, a super simple way to set up international shipping rates is to charge $20 for weights between 0.0 oz - 160 oz (10lbs). Then $40 for orders that weigh more than 10lbs. This will only take a couple minutes to setup and will cover you for many shipping cases. You will overcharge some customers for shipping and on some larger orders you may lose money on shipping fees.

A more nuanced approach to international dropshipping

If you want to be a little more detailed with your international shipping rates setup for your dropshipping store, we recommend setting up your shipping rates for each individual country that you want to ship to and focus on the main countries that have an interest in purchasing your products. This is because each country and even region within countries can have different rates for different weights of packages, so it can be lots of work to setup accurate shipping rates for every country.

Download our international shipping rates table for each country. Each shipment has an additional $1.00 fulfillment fee.