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How To Unlink Dropshipping Products

In certain scenarios, you may want to stop dropshipping a single product with Apliiq. Perhaps you want to stop offering the product on your website, or you would like to order that product in bulk and fulfill it yourself.

There are a couple different ways to accomplish this depending on what you want the final outcome to be.

  • If you want to stop selling a product entirely in your online store, the best thing to do is to de-activate that product directly within your online store. This will ensure that the product will not be available any longer.
  • If you want to continue to sell a product, but do not want Apliiq to fulfill it for you, simply go into each variant for the product and delete the Apliiq SKU from the variant. Once the Apliiq SKU is removed, any future order will no longer be fulfilled by Apliiq.

Hopefully this helps you better control exactly which products are being dropshipped by Apliiq.