Custom T Shirts

custom t shirts

revolutionize consumption

in a sea of mass produced trends, what makes you stand out from the crowd is your custom t shirt.

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difference you can feel

your custom t shirt deserves something different, something better than just cheap ol’ printing. imagine a custom t shirt with texture and quality, styled with fabric sewn on as linings, sleeves, or pockets.

customize a pocket tee
we sew it on
it's simple

start with your favorite custom t shirt.
accent it with traditional patch styles.
add your own artwork to take it to the next level.

leave the cutting, sewing, and shipping to our team of artists.

design your own
the art of sewing

your artwork pushes new boundaries when it’s sewn on as appliqué. this new medium, for your creative expression, combines classic fabrics with digital artwork.

you and your group will immediately feel the difference when you get your custom t shirts.

groups just got a lot more creative

your group is different for a reason. now, there’s custom t shirts that set you further apart from the rest. the savings are built in, the more you buy the more you save. take the lead, speak to a custom t shirt expert right now.