10 Types of T-shirts You Need to Know About


The T-shirt is a timeless piece of clothing that has been around for centuries. It was once considered an item of humble appeal, however, it has grown to become one of the most versatile wardrobe items. While there are many types of T-shirts that come in different styles, cuts and fabrics, there are certain categories that have stood the test of time. 

If you are looking for the perfect T-shirt type for yourself,  your brand or your merch, keep reading as we explore the different styles of this evergreen piece of attire.

Short Sleeve

The classic, can’t-go-wrong, simple T-shirt choice. Although the sleeve length can vary, short sleeves are typically characterized by sleeves that end above the elbow or at the mid-bicep.

Regular short sleeves are the most common variation of these plain T-shirts. They provide a classic look and offer ample arm movement, allowing for a comfortable fit. Regular short sleeves are versatile and suitable for various occasions, making them a classic choice.

Another variation of short sleeves is cap sleeves. Cap sleeves are even shorter than regular short sleeves, ending above the elbow. They offer a feminine and stylish touch, creating a more refined and streamlined appearance. Cap sleeves are often seen in girls’ T-shirts and provide a flattering style for those who prefer a shorter sleeve length.

Whether you prefer the classic look of regular short sleeves or the stylish touch of cap sleeves, this type is a wardrobe staple that can be easily customized to reflect your personal style.

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Long sleeves

 a girl in a long-sleeved t-shirt stands leaning against a glass railing

Long sleeve T-shirts are a versatile variation of the classic tee, offering the same level of comfort with added coverage and style.

You can find long sleeve variations in almost any style of shirt, whether it’s a crew neck, v-neck, or scoop neck. When it comes to the length of the sleeves, there are options ranging from a full-length sleeve to a three-quarter length.

Another feature to consider is the cuff style. Fitted cuffs provide a sleek and tailored look, while loose cuffs offer a more relaxed and casual vibe. The choice of cuff style can enhance the overall appearance of your outfit and help you achieve the desired aesthetic.

Long sleeve T-shirts are a great addition to any wardrobe as they offer versatility and can be styled in multiple ways. Whether you’re layering them under a jacket or wearing them as standalone pieces, they are sure to elevate your look.

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Cap sleeves

Cap sleeves are a popular style of T-shirt that offer a unique silhouette and shoulder coverage for women. These sleeves are shorter than traditional sleeves and are cut in a way that covers the shoulders while exposing the upper arms.

Cap sleeves add structure to the upper body and create a flattering fit. They can help define the shoulders and create the illusion of broader shoulders, making them a great choice for those who want to balance out their body shape.

One of the key benefits of cap sleeves is that they provide a touch of femininity to any outfit. They are often seen in women’s fashion and are a popular choice for those looking for a more feminine and delicate look.

When choosing a T-shirt with cap sleeves, it is recommended to opt for a longer fit to avoid looking short waisted. This will ensure that the T-shirt sits just below the waistline, creating a more elongated silhouette.

Our collection features a range of styles with cap sleeves that can be customized to suit the style you’re going for. Find the perfect T-shirt for you and take advantage of our print-on-demand services to add your own unique touch.

Tank Top

Tank tops, also known as sleeveless T-shirts, are a versatile and popular style that should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. With a wide neckline, armholes and a relaxed fit, tank tops are the go-to choice for warm weather or athletic activities.

The beauty of tank tops lies in their simplicity. Reaching the height of comfort, they allow for maximum airflow, keeping you cool and fresh even on the hottest summer days. Whether you’re lounging by the beach, hitting the gym, or simply running errands, tank tops are the perfect choice for a casual and effortless look.

One popular variation is the racerback tank top, featuring a unique cut that reveals the shoulder blades and provides increased range of motion. Another trending style is the cropped tank top, which offers a shorter length and a more fashion-forward look.

Not only are tank tops practical and comfortable, but they also provide a blank canvas for creative expression. With our print-on-demand services, you can easily customize your tank tops with your own designs, logos, or slogans, making them an excellent choice for branding or merchandising purposes.

So why not browse through our collection of tank tops and explore the limitless possibilities for customization? Whether you prefer a classic plain tank top or a vibrant printed design, we’ve got you covered. Embrace the freedom and versatility of tank tops and make a stylish statement with this quintessential T-shirt style.

Round neck

man wears white round neck t-shirt

Round neck T-shirts, also known as classic T-shirts or basic half-sleeve T-shirts, are a timeless and versatile wardrobe staple. They feature a closely fitted neck opening and a collar made from contrasting ribbed fabric, adding a touch of visual interest to the overall design.

The round neck style is popular due to its simplicity. It can be easily dressed up or down, making it suitable for a range of occasions, from casual outings to semi-formal events. Whether you prefer a laidback style and relaxed look or a more polished and put-together ensemble, the round neck T-shirt can effortlessly adapt to your personal style.

One of the key advantages of round neck T-shirts is their ability to flatter different body types. The closely fitted neck opening creates a sleek and polished appearance, while the contrasting ribbed collar adds a subtle style element. This combination enhances the overall fit and silhouette, making round-neck T-shirts a go-to choice for many individuals.

Crew neck

The crew neck T-shirt style features a round, circular neckline. This style is characterized by its snug fit and is commonly worn by individuals with long, narrow faces and sloped shoulders to create a well-rounded physique.

Crew neck T-shirts have a long-standing appeal and are a staple in many wardrobes. They are versatile, offering endless pairing options with jeans, shorts, or skirts. Whether you’re going for a casual look or dressing up for a night out, a crew neck T-shirt can easily adapt to any occasion.

One of the key advantages of crew neck shirts is their ability to flatter different body types. The snug fit of the neckline creates a sleek and polished appearance, enhancing the overall fit and silhouette. This makes crew neck T-shirts a go-to choice for many individuals looking for a well-balanced and comfortable style.

You can easily customize one of our crew neck T-shirts with unique designs, logos, or slogans, allowing you to showcase your personal brand or create a one-of-a-kind merchandise line. Browse through our collection and unleash your creativity with our crew neck shirts.

Ringer T-shirts

The ringer tee is a trendy variation of the classic style crew-neck T-shirt that adds a touch of retro charm to any outfit. What sets the ringer tee apart from other basic T-shirts are the contrast bands on the neckline and sleeve hems. These contrasting bands, typically in a different color or pattern than the rest of the shirt, add a unique and eye-catching element to the design.

The neckline of the ringer tee features a band of contrasting color or pattern that encircles the crew neck. This visual detail not only adds a pop of color but also draws attention to the neckline and frames the face. Similarly, the contrast bands on the sleeve hems create a stylish and distinctive look, adding visual interest to the arms.

The ringer tee is intriguing because it combines simplicity with a hint of nostalgia. The contrast bands give the shirt a vintage aesthetic reminiscent of retro sports jerseys and old-school baseball tees. This unique design element allows you to showcase your personal style and creativity.

Whether you prefer bold and vibrant colors or subtle and understated patterns, our print-on-demand services allow you to create a ringer tee that truly reflects your individuality. So, why not browse our collection and get inspired to create your own custom ringer tee today?

V Neck T-shirt

v neck t-shirt for girls

The V-neck T-shirt is a popular choice among both men and women, known for its distinctive style and fit. This classic shirt style originated in the 1960s and has since become an instantly recognizable look.

One of the reasons why the V-necked T-shirt is so popular is its versatility. It can be worn casually with jeans or dressed up with a blazer for a more polished look. This style can also be seen in various types of clothing, from dresses to sweaters, making it a timeless and widely loved choice.

The V-neckline of this shirt is particularly flattering for those with square or round faces and broad shoulders. The V-shape creates a slimming effect, elongating the neck and drawing attention away from the width of the shoulders. It gives the wearer a more streamlined and balanced appearance.

Explore our V-neck collection and unleash your creative side by customizing your own unique design.

Polo Shirt

The Polo’s unique collar and front placket with buttons set this type of T-shirt apart from others. The collared design gives the polo shirt a more sophisticated and polished look, placing it right in the middle between a collared shirt and T-shirt on the formality scale. Additionally, it is often required attire at golf clubs and country clubs.

Polo collar T-shirts are commonly made from knitted cotton or synthetic blends, which provide a comfortable and breathable wearing experience. The material used for polo shirts is often chosen for its durability and ability to withstand frequent washing and wear.

In addition to the collar, polo shirts also feature a front placket with buttons. The number of buttons can vary, typically ranging from two to four. This detail not only adds a touch of style but also allows for easy adjustment of the shirt’s neckline.

There are different collar styles that can be found on polo T-shirts. The most common variation is the classic flat collar, which lays flat against the neck. Another popular option is the ribbed collar, which has a striped or textured pattern. These collar styles add depth and dimension to the overall design of the polo shirt.

If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe or create customized merchandise for your brand, polo shirts are a great option. Their sophisticated collar and front button placket make them versatile and suitable for both casual and professional settings. 

The Henley Collar T-shirt – Y Neck Style

The Henley Y neck style is a popular type of T-shirt that offers a unique and stylish twist on traditional necklines. This style is a hybrid between the classic crew and V necklines, combining the best features of both.

What sets the Henley T-shirt apart is the addition of a buttoning placket at the neckline. This not only adds aesthetic appeal but also allows for easy adjustment of the shirt’s neckline. The number of buttons can vary, typically ranging from two to five.

The Henley style is particularly flattering for individuals with a well-built physique, especially those with a muscular chest. The Y-shaped neckline draws attention to the upper body and accentuates the shoulders, creating a confident and masculine look.

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