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how to start a clothing line

the perfect partner to design & manufacture your custom streetwear

customers enjoy these benefits:

  • Bulk Discounts
  • 2 Week Turn Around Time
  • Variety Of Services (print, embroidery, applique)
  • No Minimums On Clothing
  • Apliiq Artist Reviews Every Order
  • Your brand label sewn into your clothing line

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woven labels provide these benefits:

  • Increased Product Quality
  • Usage based copyright protection & trademark protection (learn more)
  • Consistency in offering
  • Reduced design headaches
  • Avoid hassles of multiple suppliers
  • Your brand label sewn into your clothing line

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woven labels are powerful
little branding tools

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You've Got Questions

Get them answered below

  • What's included with the label subscription?
    The subscription includes reviewing your artwork and providing you with a digital mock up for approval, making 100 of your labels, storing them at our manufacturing facility, and sewing them into your products as you or your customer's order them.
  • Where can labels be sewn in?
    There are many places to sew labels for each garment, from subtle placement to more obvious branding opportunities. Consult our label placement guide to explore all of the placement areas.
  • How do I get started with labels?
    We recommend you start with upgrading your account to get your woven labels, since they take about 2-3 weeks to make. Once you upgrade your account you can select your label location in the online design tool for your products. After that we recommend you order a few sample products. We will hold your sample order until your labels are ready then sew them in.
  • What products can I add labels to?
    You can add your branded label to all of the apparel products we offer!
  • How long do labels take to make?
    It requires 2-3 weeks to create your woven labels. We will email you with a picture of your labels as soon as they are complete?
  • Are labels available for dropshipping?
    Yes of course. Once we have your labels in stock it is quick to sew them in!
  • How many labels do I get?
    You get 100 labels for $100.
  • What happens if I run out of labels?
    If you run out of labels, your products will be shipped without your labels. However, you can purchase more labels whenever you need them.
  • How do I make sure I don't run out of labels?
    We track your label inventory for you and you can set an automatic re-order quantity for your labels on your subscriptions page. For example, you can automatically order 100 more labels, when your label inventory reaches 25 labels.
  • Can you mail me the labels?
    Yes, we are happy to include a few loose labels in your order simply email cs@apliiq.com with your request. Also if you cancel your subscription, we can send your remaining labels to you, but we kindly ask that you pay the shipping fees.
  • Does my subscripton automatically renew after one year?
    It's your choice. By default your subscription will not automatically renew, to activate renewal and inventory management for your labels go to your subscription page.
  • Are there discounts for buying more than 100 labels?
    Yes, bulk discounts are available once you have created your subscription! You can see all bulk discounts for woven labels here.
  • If I use woven labels do you remove the manufacturer's tags?
    No, if you'd like to remove the manufacturer's tag, check out our private labeling service, which can be used alongside woven labels.
  • Can I get more than one label?
    Yes, it's common for customers to create more than one label design to be used in different places or on different designs. For each label design, simply add another subscription to your account.

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  • picture of woven label sewn onto sleeve of hoodie
  • picture of woven label sewn in neck of t shirt
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