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Print On Demand

solutions for fashion & lifestyle brands

Apliiq is a trusted partner fully immersed in apparel you can rely on to handle all the heavy lifting for your brand, while you focus on what matters most – growing your brand. from making, storing, and shipping fully branded premium products, we take the reins to offer a seamless, all-rounded, and unmatched on-demand printing solution for fashion brands.

what is print-on-demand (POD) and how does it work?

say goodbye to the headaches of traditional manufacturing – print on demand means manufacturing your products only when an order is already placed by your customer. It allows you to launch an apparel brand with a minimal upfront investment in inventory and lower capital requirements as you scale up.  This manufacturing technique also reduces waste and overproduction commonplace in traditional apparel manufacturing.
apliiq’s special blend of on demand manufacturing services are specifically tailored to produce top quality clothing products (think your favorite boutique), fully branded on demand in about a week.  Branding products on demand is the most cost effective way to improve the perceived value of your apparel products.
Combining branding on demand and printing on demand is a win-win that's revolutionizing how direct to consumer stores think about their apparel merchandising.  and at apliiq, we've made it easier than ever to get in on the action.
  • Step 1

    choose your product

    browse through our collections of high-quality blank products, from t-shirts to hoodies and headwear, and select the one that best fits your needs.

  • Step 2

    create your design

    use our easy-to-use design tool to upload your artwork, add text, and customize your product exactly as you envision it.

  • Step 3

    print & ship

    once your design is ready, our undisputed apparel experts will use top-of-the-line tech to bring your vision to life. your product will be carefully packed and shipped directly to you or your customers, hassle-free.

the key to growing your brand:
retail-quality print-on-demand clothing

whatever apparel items your brand is looking for, apliiq’s wide range of carefully curated, luxury, high-quality products are bound to leave your customers grinning from ear to ear.  apliiq takes sourcing the best apparel options seriously and is continuously adding new products from trusted manufacturing partners.  from hats, to beanies, to hoodies, to yoga pants, including eco-friendly garments, apliiq has options you want to create and your customers want to buy.  in many cases, apliiq can work with you to source or recommend specific options your brand needs. 

that is exactly where apliiq’s team of maestros that knows apparel production and direct-to-garment printing inside and out come in. from on-demand printing to massive scale, apliiq your go-to source for bringing your brand to life.  

whether you're a budding entrepreneur or an established brand looking to scale up, apliiq’s got the perfect combo of unmatched premium products, personnel, expertise, and POD services to take your brand's apparel game to the next level.
  • retail ready

    combine branding on demand with print-on-demand to use the same strategies your favorite big brands use to produce their apparel.

  • swift domestic shipping

    get your orders ship on average 2-3 days thanks to our distributed domestic manufacturing and bicoastal fulfillment. Apliiq also ships worldwide for brands looking for global reach.

  • time-saving

    don't lift a finger or waste your time shipping out your print-on-demand products – we offer competitive fulfillment times and will handle the entire process in a few business days tops.

  • minimize costs

    no blowing the bank on the inventory of unsold stock – only pay for ordered products at competitive prices & increase profit margins with minimal upfront costs.

  • simplified inventory

    only hold inventory on products you want to – make the rest on demand with our unmatched POD service & delivery time.

unparalleled customer support: talk directly to apparel pros

no more lack of service frustrations or “super-bots”, just real people and real solutions. brand partners view apliiq as an extension of our their team. experience the difference of personalized customer support firsthand – talk directly to the people who manufacture your clothes and live and breathe apparel all day, every day. 

book a call – let's make some waves together. 

join the leading ranks: industry-backed on-demand-printing excellence

“If you’ve got your mind set on starting or scaling your clothing brand, apliiq is your go-to print-on-demand platform.” 
-John santos*

when it comes to social proof, we don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk. our reputation speaks for itself, backed by respected industry experts like john santos and charlie pangus who have experienced our services first-hand. we take pride in earning the trust and recognition of well-known figures in the industry, showcasing our commitment to apparel excellence, and delivering on our promises.

from fresh streetwear upstarts to seasoned lifestyle legends, our team of printing gurus has helped propel a plethora of brands to the summit of their industry. don't get left behind — join the crew of savvy brands who've already shook hands with the ultimate printing wingman for brands looking to level up. if you're ready to kick into high gear, apliiq is here to help you crush it.

after all, your brand is more than just clothing – it's a statement. make it loud and clear by turning your designs into wearable works of art with the help of recognized experts in the apparel game. no minimums, no inventory, no hassle – just pure printing magic.

launch your own fashion empire: how to start a clothing brand with print-on-demand shirts, hoodies & more

attention aspiring entrepreneur, fashion, and streetwear moguls! looking to start your own clothing line or create high-quality apparel for your brand but don't have the funds to front a massive inventory? with the help of reputable print-on-demand companies such as apliiq, you can bring your unique designs to life without breaking the bank.

whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned pro, we know that it can be a little challenging to get your arms around all the eCommerce and manufacturing systems and how they work together to drive your business. that's why we went the extra mile to create this epic 30-minute video to walk you through every step of the print-on-demand business journey and help you start selling your own branded apparel and print products online for minimal investment.

add print-on-demand clothing gurus to your team

we don't just dabble in custom products – we live, breathe, and sleep them! from dropship t-shirt printing to private labeled hoodies and embroidered hats, we're obsessed with all things clothing-related. laser-focused on apparel, it's at the heart of everything we do and where our unwavering commitment lies. that's why we're proud to offer unrivaled POD services tailored to meet your unique needs, no matter where you are in the process.

turn brand inspiration into a sensational brand experience with our on-demand printing services & products

need inspiration? look no further than the big shots in the biz and their best practices to take a page from their book. luckily, you don’t need to scroll through the sea of print-on-demand websites. we've already done the heavy lifting by breaking down these crucial components for success into the exact POD services you need to bring your vision of a top-tier clothing brand to life, personalized and on-demand. create something truly exceptional, and embed your brand in the consumers’ minds.

creativity & customization know no limits: printing, labeling & embroidery services based on your needs

  • embroidery on demand

    use embroidery to weave your way to success with high-quality outerwear and headwear and our wide range of products. the sky's the limit!

  • digital printing on demand

    whether you're looking to jazz up your t-shirts or make a statement with your outerwear, we've got you covered with top-notch print quality and various types of print.

  • clothing labeling on demand

    completely private label all of your gear and products so your customers know that your brand is making your products.

  • branding on demand

    give a little final TLC to your brand by finishing your products like a pro – customized with personalized woven labels and patches. Add quality to every product you make.

limitless personalization: packaging & fulfillment customization

  • add a personal touch with branded

    send in your branded mailers or custom packing slips - we will store them and use them to fulfill all your orders.

  • personalized shipping labels &
    packing slips

    let your brand shine all the way to your customers' doorstep by adding your name on customized shipping labels and packing slips.

  • make your customers' day with exclusive pack-in offerings

    sweeten the deal for your customer by having us include little “extras” into your on-demand printing shipments and having them unwrap a surprise gift with every order.

choose wisely: print-on-demand vs. traditional bulk manufacturing

with apliiq’s print-on-demand services, you can enjoy all the perks of on-demand printing & production, and lightning-fast turnaround times. as seasoned experts in the biz, we know a thing or two about the sweet benefits of on-demand production – hello, flexibility, and reduced costs! but before you dive headfirst, it's important to understand the trade-offs you'll be facing.

whether you're a small startup looking for safe and minimal investment or an established brand looking to scale big, we’ve got your back. Let’s show you the way – here are the pros of manufacturing your products on demand versus the “go big or go home” bulk method. 
Print On Demand Bulk Manufacturing
Financial Benefits
  • Preserve cash flow with little to no inventory
  • Minimize financial risk
  • Higher Margins
  • Reduced Cost Of Goods Sold
Design Benefits
  • Easy to experiment with new products
  • Release products quickly
  • Source a special garment
  • Provide extra customization
Fulfillment benefits
  • Fully Automate all order processing and tracking
  • Save time packaging and shipping products
  • Warehouse your products with us.
  • Orders ship within 24-48 hours
need help deciding on the right option? 

3 key benefits of Print On Demand

unlock the power of on-demand printing
  • 1

    save time & labor costs

    print-on-demand technology has got your back! with the rise of leading print-on-demand websites like aplliq, you can now automate all your order processing and fulfillment. that's right – no more tedious manual labor or complicated logistics to worry about. and the best part? our hands-free fulfillment model comes at no additional cost – we handle the nitty-gritty of making and shipping your products. with undisputed apparel experts in your corner, your e-commerce game just got a whole lot easier.
  • 2

    simplify your business: say goodbye to inventory guesswork

    sick of the endless cycle of inventory planning, guesswork, and wasting investments on products that never quite hit the mark? on-demand printing is the perfect solution to test new products and experiment with new designs without committing to a massive inventory and finding out what works and propels actual sales. who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?
  • 3

    go sustainable: make only what you need, cancel waste

    the fashion industry can be notoriously wasteful – it's time to switch to a more sustainable approach. by making only the products you need after you've sold them, you not only reduce the upfront costs and the cost of excess inventory but also help reduce overproduction. with an industry average of 1 in 5 clothing items ending up in the landfill and never being sold, this is the ideal opportunity to streamline your operations and make a real difference, one product at a time.
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