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The Best

Print On Demand

For Fashion & Lifestyle Brands

This platform delivers
retail quality clothing on demand

Print On Demand with Apliiq has these great advantages

  • Retail Ready

    Brand your apparel with labels, previously available only for mass production.

  • Quality Guaranteed

    If there is a manufacturing defect with an order we will send your customer a new one.

  • Worldwide Shipping

    Let us ship orders to your customers worldwide. No need to mess with postage or handling.

  • Save Time

    Don’t lift a finger or waste your time to ship out your products, we got it for you.

  • Minimize Costs

    Don’t blow the bank on inventory, only pay for products to fulfill your orders.

  • Inventory Simplified

    Only hold inventory on products you want to, make the rest on demand.

How To Start A Clothing Brand
With Print On Demand

If you are looking to start a clothing line, or create high quality apparel for your brand, you've come to the right place. We know that it can be a little challenging to get your arms around all the eCommerce and manufactuing systems and how they work together to drive your business. That's why we created this epic 30 minute video that walks you through every step of the journey to get started selling your own branded apparel online for minimal investment.

Undisputed Print On Demand Clothing Experts

This print on demand service is highly specialized for print on demand clothing in the United States. In fact, clothing is all we do, so we believe we do it better than everyone else. We’ve taken the time to curate the best selection of available garments, dial in direct to garment print settings, and build a team that knows the ins and outs of apparel production from print on demand to massive scale. We’ve even authored patents for how to re-label garments on demand. There is no other combination of products, personnel, and services to bring your apparel dreams to life.

Turn Brand Inspiration Into Brand Experience
With Print On Demand

Take inspiration from the great apparel brands, how products are constructed, how products are finished, and how products are presented. We’ve broken down these key elements into the exact services you need to fulfill your vision of creating a quality apparel brand on demand.

Print & Embroidery Services

  • Embroidery On Demand

    Use embroidery to create high quality outerwear and headwear.

  • Printing On Demand

    Use our printing services for t-shirts and outerwear.

  • Clothing Labeling On Demand

    Respect your brand by finishing your products like a professional. All of our apparel offerings can be private labeled and can be enhanced with woven labels and patches.

Packaging & Fulfillment Customization

  • Your Branded Packaging

    Send in your branded mailers, we will store them and use them to fulfill your orders.

  • Personalized Shipping Labels
    & Packing slips

    Put your brand name on these shipping documents

  • Pack Ins

    Sweeten the deal for your customer by having us include little “extras” into your order shipments.

How Print On Demand Compares To
Traditional Bulk Manufacturing

As experts in manufactuing, we know there are huge benefits to making your products on demand vs. traditional bulk manufacturing. But it's also important to understand some of the trade-offs you face with producing items on demand. As your manufacturing partner, we are prepared to help with on demand and your bulk manufacturing needs.

Print On Demand Bulk Manufacturing
Financial Benefits
  • Preserve cash flow with little to no inventory
  • Minimize financial risk
  • Higher Margins
  • Reduced Cost Of Goods Sold
Design Benefits
  • Easy to experiment with new products
  • Release products quickly
  • Source a special garment
  • Provide extra customization
Fulfillment benefits
  • Fully Automate all order processing and tracking
  • Save time packaging and shipping products
  • Warehouse your products with us.
  • Orders ship within 24-48 hours

3 key benefits to Print On Demand

  • Save Time & Labor Costs

    With Print on Demand technology, you can automate all of your order processing and order fulfillment. With our hands free fulfillment, you can kick back while we take care of making and shipping your products.

  • Simplify Your Business

    Stop “inventory planning guesswork” and wasted investments on products that don’t sell. This is the perfect solution to test new products and find what works.

  • Make Only What You Need, Cancel The Waste

    Make only the products you need only after you’ve sold them. With an industry average of 1 in 5 clothing items going to the landfill with never being sold, this is a great opportunity to streamline operations to reduce wasteful over production.

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print on demand essential services

Go Direct
In Your Print On Demand Production

While many other competing “print on demand” platforms don’t even own a printer (they outsource the printing to others), we’ve taken a completely different approach of operating our own factories. That puts us in direct control over the quality of your finished products and allows us to work directly with you to make the merchandise your brand needs. When you are speaking to our team, you are speaking directly to the team that makes your products.

Unmatched In Customer Service
& Experts In Print On Demand

We do apparel all day everyday and it shows. We think of all our selling partners as business partners and know our success comes through your success. Whether you need a good recommendation on a heavyweight hoodie or help sourcing something special, you can rely on our team, our expertise, and our knowledge to bring your apparel projects to life. We troubleshoot tricky manufacturing issues and recommend industry tested solutions to common challenges you will face in making your products on demand. Most importantly, we put ourselves out there, as a resource to you and your brand to be as successful as possible. Don’t believe us? Just book a meetingwith our team to see how helpful we can be!

Print On Demand
In The United States

If you are running a brand here in the United States and your customers are here in the United States, wouldn’t you also prefer to work with a print on demand platform that is also from the United States? Why, you ask? Perhaps it’s because you’d prefer chatting with someone right here in the United States for support, as opposed to someone in a far away land? Perhaps it’s because you’d like to book a call with us so we can build a lasting business relationship? Whatever your reasons, we are proud to be one of the few true American print on demand companies out there.

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