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design your custom shorts online

eager to design and launch your own unique and customized line of branded shorts? whether you’re looking to create an activewear line or just need a great pair of custom shorts for your brand to come to life, you've come to the right place. if you’re looking for a company that will handle all the legwork for you, from custom-printing and labeling your branded shorts to delivering them right to your doorstep, apliiq is your go-to solution.

whether woven and private labels or custom prints and patches tickle your fancy, the entire variety of our high-quality men’s and women’s custom shorts can be fully personalized and branded with your logo, name, or design.

from intuitive design templates, multiple services, and design techniques to swift and reliable delivery, highly-personalized customer service, and affordable prices – you name it, we’ve got you covered.

branding apparel made easy: customize shorts for your brand

Your brand is a voice, and a custom-branded product is a souvenir that helps it echo worldwide. after all, it’s not about what you sell – it’s about the stories you tell. build a compelling narrative around your brand – design shorts that speak volumes with apliiq, and the loyal audience will follow.

our mission is to provide creative entrepreneurs with the branded apparel they need to start a winning clothing line or grow an existing one and, in doing so, help them monetize their creative work. we help up-and-coming branded apparel companies get affordable and high-quality merch to sell to their audience, effectively allowing them to compete with big names in the market.

are you one of them? let us breathe life into your brand by custom printing your shorts and branding your apparel with woven and private labels, previously available only for mass production. from custom cotton shorts and tie-dye fleece shorts to women’s fitness and biker shorts, the options are endless, and the choice – all yours.

our custom shorts can also bear your unique logo for various marketing, gifting, and promotional purposes and forge a sense of fun brand identity while giving people a universal yet unique outfit they can wear anywhere and promote your brand every step of the way.

print, label & brand your custom shorts like a pro

we've got the fullest complement of labeling and branding services you need to add one-of-a-kind custom shorts to your clothing line arsenal and make it a success story. channel the corporate trendsetter in you or establish your brand as the buzz of the town – tell the world you’re out there loud and proud with custom-branded shorts.

fully brand your custom shorts

enhance your apparel branding with your artwork on the label – add your own woven labels to your custom shorts designs or private label your custom shorts by replacing manufacturers' tags with your own custom satin tags with no minimums and as low as $.67 per garment.

with greatness also comes great responsibility. our custom private labels will contain all of the federally required base garment information, regardless of the size and product your customer order. have peace of mind knowing all of your custom branded apparel is always compliant with US federal regulations.

design shorts with patchwork & stitching

create patches with your brand’s name or logo and have them sewn onto your custom shorts, or stitch your jaw-dropping designs with the finest embroidery and applique for the whole world to see.

turn your custom shorts into wearable art

we only print using cutting-edge technologies and the finest industrial direct-to-garment printing. help your customers walk the talk by digital printing photo-realistic artwork or screen printing graphic artwork on your custom shorts or make them pop by turning your brand artwork into all-over pocket prints.

call all the shots with endless customization options

no POD vendor out there does labeling and branding better than apliiq – we believe having a great deal of choice in the matter is necessary for bringing your vision to life.

the extent of flexibility to which our full-range services can be customized to breathe life into your custom shorts designs allows you never to settle but only choose the best for your brand. at apliiq, you call all the shots — all we need is a final design ready for production to make it happen:

  • customize down to a t: our affordable, yet high-quality custom shorts (and other apparel) come in an array of shapes, fits, cuts and sizes to effortlessly cater to your unique vision and your customers’ style. go premium to get access to over 50 premium products and limited edition collections out of the box, sell out and make even more money!
  • decide on design placement: feel free to decide where your design fits best, whether on the front or back of your custom shorts. just say the word – we’ll make it happen. pick your colors: at apliiq, your merch is your time to shine and show your true colors – the range of colors you can get on your custom shorts is another ace we’ve got up our sleeve.
  • pick your colors: at apliiq, your merch is your time to shine and show your true colors – the range of colors you can get on your custom shorts is another ace we’ve got up our sleeve.
  • choose your materials: the same goes for your flexibility regarding materials. whether it’s, cotton blends, spandex, or polyester, you can rest assured we’re only using sustainable, high-quality materials that meet your style and our production standards and match product quality of big brands while keeping your customers feeling blissfully wrapped in clouds
  • design with ease: with us, putting your swag and ideas into practice is a breeze. never tap in the dark – use our mockup generator to quickly design your custom shorts and get an idea of how they might look and how much they might cost.

your brand, your story: design shorts and print them on demand

mixing quality and creativity with convenience and reliability is a match made in heaven. and it’s precisely what we believe in and provide for our partners. apliiq is well-known for high-quality, cost-effective, easily customizable, and sustainable branded apparel. and after you inject a little personalization into our cutting-edge line of custom shorts, your brand will be, too.

our fully automated print-on-demand feature means we manufacture your custom shorts only when your customers have already placed an order. this cutting-edge solution takes the hassle out of planning and guesswork for inventory, allows you to launch your apparel brand with a minimal upfront investment, and reduce capital requirements and risks as you scale up!

at apliiq, you can design the shorts you need when you need them, providing you a safe haven to start a clothing brand, work around top competitors and propel your business without breaking the bank. plus, fight waste and help save the world at the same time topping it off with our 35 sustainable garment options.

get your brand started for $0

  • signing up is 100% free
  • no upfront costs or obligations
  • no monthly subscriptions
  • ower domestic USA shipping times and costs
  • pay only after orders are placed.

seamless integration and hands-free fulfillment

when creating your custom shorts, all you need to do is to get your reactive juices flowing – we’ll take care of the rest.

apliiq supports automatic integrations with shopify and woocommerce - two leading e-commerce platforms and connecting your apliiq account with e-commerce giants is a breeze. install the app in minutes, then simply upload your product designs to your storefront to start selling.

dropshipping with us is simple. you won’t need to lift a finger – we’ll handle all fulfillment for you. save space by storing your inventory at our warehouse until your customers order your custom shorts from the online store of your choosing. the order will be automatically placed with apliiq – we’ll make the order and ship it directly to your soon-to-be satisfied customers within 48 hrs.

a tight family of undisputed experts

your brand is only as good as your reputation. show off your vision and values by designing one-of-a-kind custom shorts that reflect what you believe in with a reliable and reputable clothing supply chain partner in your corner.

built on transparency, sustainability, and teamwork, apliiq is here to support your clothing line dreams with reliability, swiftness, quality, and highly-personalized customer service that other manufacturers fantasize about but only we deliver.

make ripples in the apparel industry with the masters of product sourcing and branding by your side, small enough to feel like family, big enough to scale. tap into hundreds of specialized years of apparel expertise under one roof to launch a clothing line that can compete with some of the biggest names in the industry, steal their thunder and build you a loyal following.


how do you design shorts?

at apliiq, there’s no confusing design software or hassle. simply hover your mouse above the custom shorts you want personalized, then click “design shorts.” add your artwork, and voilà! you’ve got yourself a pair of unique custom shorts adorned with your brand’s name, logo, or design.

where should I put my logo on shorts?

a good rule of thumb for placing your logo on a pair of custom shorts is to line the logo up to the bottom hem. it's very popular to see both sides of the shorts decorated, with one side using the logo and the other using a design. generally, the logo is placed on the right leg, although at apliiq, the choice is all yours. you can always check out our handy guide for different placement options.

how do you make print shorts?

apliiq’s print-on-demand is solely focused on delivering retail-quality apparel products. we offer premium branding options that allow you to create cheap custom shorts on par with leading brands, sell them through top ecommerce platforms and only print using cutting-edge industrial direct-to-garment printing. you can even do embroidery on demand to embellish fleece custom shorts or use private labeling and print-on-demand together to customize shorts worth boasting about.

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mens shorts Classic Mesh Shorts

design shorts

Classic Mesh Shorts (5109)

Tap into your sense of the familiar with these throwback mesh shorts. Just about every kid in the US owned a pair for high school gym class. Now your brand can tap into "better days" by creating a throwback collection.
C2 Sport
100% polyester
s - 4xl
$8.00 - $35.50 more pricing
mens shorts Black Camo Shorts

design shorts

Black Camo Shorts (IND20SRT)

Comfort meet style. Style meet comfort. Finally you can have the best of both worlds. These shorts are great for feeling good and looking good.
Independent Trading Co
80% Cotton / 20% Poly
xs - xxl
$17.35 - $38.45 more pricing
mens shorts Mens Short Shorts

design shorts

Mens Short Shorts (5903)

Welcome your thighs to summer. Please exercise caution with these shorts, you may find yourself having too much fun.
AS Colour
100% cotton
30 - 38
$19.25 - $48.00 more pricing
mens shorts Pigment Dyed Fleece Shorts

design shorts

Pigment Dyed Fleece Shorts (PRM50STPD)

These pigment dyed fleece shorts are super soft and comfortable. They are created using a pigment dying process that creates beautiful pastel colors that have that vintage vibe. Side pockets, back pockets, and tie drawstring make them as functional as they are fun to wear. The pigment-dyeing process gives each garment unique character. Please allow for slight color variation in production and washing. Please note: The pigment-dyeing process gives each garment unique character. Please al
Independent Trading Co
80% Cotton / 20% Poly
xs - xxl
$20.75 - $81.60 more pricing
womens shorts Ladies Fitness Shorts

design shorts

Ladies Fitness Shorts (LST475)

Ideal for training, track, volleyball or the gym, this moisture-wicking short has PosiCharge technology to lock in colors and logos.
86/14 poly/spandex
xs - xxxl
$12.50 - $51.00 more pricing
mens shorts Midweight Fleece Shorts

design shorts

Midweight Fleece Shorts (IND20SRT)

The incredibly comfortable shorts are great for working our or lounging around. The fleece material is very similar to the midweight hoodies with a soft interior.
Independent Trading Co
80% Cotton / 20% Poly
xs - xxl
$15.42 - $86.10 more pricing
mens shorts Tie Dye Fleece Shorts

design shorts

Tie Dye Fleece Shorts (PRM50STTD)

These amazing shorts are as comfortable as they are eye catching! We use a full garment dying process so that each pair is completely unique.
Independent Trading Co
80% cotton 20% poly
xs - xxl
$16.85 - $86.60 more pricing
womens shorts Womens High Waist Biker Shorts

design shorts

Womens High Waist Biker Shorts (0814)

An on-trend, classic workout high waisted shorts that's engineered to lift, sculpt, contour and smooth.
Bella Canvas
87% Nylon / 13% Spandex
xs - xxl
$46.90 - $80.00 more pricing
mens shorts Walking Shorts

design shorts

Walking Shorts (5929)

It's time to make walking look good again. These walking shorts are the foundation. The 7" inseam is the perfect length. The two side pockets and two rear pockets get your gear to where it needs to go. The string tie keeps it casual.
AS Colour
100% cotton
30 - 40
$24.85 - $113.60 more pricing