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Private Label Clothing For Your Brand

Remove manufacturer's tags

& sew in your own branded label

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Private Label Popular Apparel Items Like

Hoodies, Jackets, Joggers, & Hats!

Since you cannot print inside these types of items

the best approach is to sew in your own branded tags

  • It's Your Brand

    So it's your logo on the label.

  • Supreme Quality

    Satin labels are premium quality.

  • Obey USA Labeling laws

    We handle everything for you

  • No Minimums

    Finally, private label without minimums

  • Most Cost Effective

    Labeling Is Extremely Cost Efficient

  • Dropship Worldwide

    USA, Can, UK, or Aus. 100's of other counties.

Get The Simplest And Easiest
Private Labeling Solution EVER

Here's How it works

Simply provide your logo
in the following format:

  • .png or .jpg
  • Square 300px x 300px
  • Black and white only
  • Must contain your business name

That is all you need
to start private labeling
any product available on the website.

We auto-magically generate all the required information for your private label tags based on the products you purchase or sell. We print them and sew them into your products.

Whether you just started your brand
Or you are an established brand

Buy labels in bulk to save a ton

All prices include removing tags and sewing in your label

There is a reason the pros use labels
besides high quality results

These savings add up!

See how the savings add up

Buy In Bulk # of products annually Annual Savings Vs.Other Branding Methods*
private labeled products
120 products Over $180 Saved
private labeled products
300 products Over $460 Saved
private labeled products
600 products Over $900 Saved
private labeled products
1,200 products Over $1,900 Saved
private labeled products
3,000 products Over $5,000 saved
privated labeled products
6,000 products Over $10,0000 Saved
private labeled products
12,000 products Over $21,000 saved
private labeled products
30,00 products Over $54,000

*as compared to pay as you go

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