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unleash your brand's potential:

private label clothing like a seasoned pro

remove the generic manufacturer's tags & sew in your own branded private clothing labels

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private label apparel

like hoodies, jackets, joggers, & hats!

remove the generic manufacturer's tags & sew in your own branded private clothing labels

well, well, well! looks like someone's trying to make their products stand out from the crowd and looking for brands that let you customize clothing, inside and out. bravo! but hold up. you can't just go around slapping your brand name onto everything, especially since you cannot print inside these items. the solution? private labeling your clothing! not only does it add a personal touch, but it’s also a subtle way of promoting your brand without being too in-your-face about it.

brands are created in the consumer's mind, and nothing destroys that reputation faster than a customer catching a glimpse of the manufacturer's tag inside their clothing. if you want your brand to succeed, you need to pay attention to the details, and that means taking extra care to make sure your products look and feel high-quality from every angle, even on the inside.

so, do yourself a favor and private label products. whether it’s a private label t-shirt embellished with your custom t-shirts tags or any other private label product, it's a small touch that can make a big impact on how your customers perceive your brand and can make or break a brand in today's competitive market.

  • It's Your Brand

    so it's your logo on the label. make private clothing labels with your brand’s name on ‘em.

  • Supreme Quality

    get premium apparel labeling with our butter-soft satin labels.

  • Obey USA Labeling laws

    our custom private label products have all the required garment info, ensuring full compliance with federal US regulations.

  • No Minimums

    private label clothing without minimum order quantities.

  • Most Cost Effective

    the more private clothing labels you order, the more you save with bulk orders.

  • Dropship Worldwide

    we do all the legwork for your private label clothing brand – we ship to USA, Can, UK, Aus & 100's of other counties.

private label clothing now

private label products with ease: how private labeling works

tired of playing tag with your competitors? it's time to ditch the stock manufacturer's label and make your mark with our private label clothing services. we'll swap out those generic tags for custom private clothing labels adorned with your brand's logo or artwork, giving your products the personalized touch they deserve.

private labeling gives you the power to relabel pre-made products from other manufacturers as your own, and offer the same high-quality products as the leading brands without breaking the bank. so why settle for blending in with the crowd when you can stand out with your own private label clothing? take your brand to the next level and leave your competitors in the dust with apliiq – your go-to private label manufacturer.

ready to jumpstart some killer apparel labeling? here’s what you need to do.
simply provide your logo in the following format:
that's all you need to private label products available on the website. yes, private labeling clothing is that easy!

no more sweating over the tiny details or worrying about compliance issues. we've got you covered with our auto-manufacturing process. with our high-quality private label clothing services, all the required information for your custom tags is generated automatically based on the private label products you purchase or sell. 
we handle the printing and sewing, so you don't have to lift a finger (unless you're doing jazz hands in excitement). so sit back, relax, and watch as your brand takes center stage with its very own private label apparel. it's like magic, but better.
start private labeling clothing
whether you’re a startup or an established brand

private label clothing in bulk to save a ton

get more bang for your buck: private label clothing savings add up

there is a reason the pros private label clothing at apliiq besides high-quality results.
see how our apparel labeling discounts add up and help you maximize your profits and boost your bottom line.
Buy In Bulk # of products annually Annual Savings Vs.Other Branding Methods*
10 120 products Over $180 Saved
25 300 products Over $460 Saved
50 600 products Over $900 Saved
100 1,200 products Over $1,900 Saved
250 3,000 products Over $5,000 saved
500 6,000 products Over $10,0000 Saved
1000 12,000 products Over $21,000 saved
2500 30,00 products Over $54,000

*all prices include removing manufacturer’s tags & sewing in your private clothing labels 

got any questions about private labeling clothing? get them answered below

in most cases, you won't need more than one private clothing label since we generate a different private label for each product you purchase. however, if you need more than one different branding applied to your private label apparel, you will need to purchase a subscripton for each branding.

still have questions? contact us for personalized private label clothing solutions

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need some wizard-level assistance with your private label clothing? don't be shy! send us an email or chat with our team of expert conjurers. as one of the leading brands that let you customize your private label apparel, we're here to guide you throughout the process and create a custom solution that will help your brand make ripples in the apparel industry.
no magic spells required – just a little bit of creativity and our unmatched private label clothing expertise!

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