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Apparel Finishing
Brand like a pro

Take inspiration from how great brands create and finish their products. Use the same strategies (like embroidered patches) employed by the pros to build brand value, create better products, and improve profit margins. This on demand platform has made it available for on demand or bulk manufacturing. Finally you can make and deliver your brand’s products just like the pros.

private label everything

The biggest challenge with using wholesale products for your brand has now been solved. It is now easier than ever to private label any apparel or accessory item you want. This private labeling solution will remove wholesale tags and replace them with your own branded labels. Neck prints are great for t shirts, while sewn tags are great for hoodies, pants, hats, and jackets.

go premium

Creating better products doesn’t just make your brand and your customers look better. It also directly impacts your business's bottom line. Premium products are the “one + two punch” of product design strategy. When you invest in the brand value of the products you create, your customers expect to pay high prices for them. When you use our branding tools like woven labels, it’s extremely cost effective to level up basic products into premium goods.

create great experiences

Building customer loyalty is key to continued revenue growth for your brand. Think beyond your products to your entire brand experience. While this can be challenging for direct to consumer or online businesses, it is still possible to create great experiences. tap into custom packaging and pack ins to build customer loyalty for your brand.