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comfort colors custom t-shirts

comfort colors offers ultimate comfort when it comes to their wholesale clothing & blank apparel. inspired by the colors of nature, their timeless style is delivered in authentic garments of incomparable softness in a rainbow of colors. their products withstand wear in time and have great product longevity.

apliiq is a leading print-on-demand dropshipping supplier in the usa, giving you access to premium-quality blank comfort colors custom t-shirts handmade by their seasoned cutters and sewers you can easily personalize.

premium custom t-shirts comfort colors produces fused with apliiq’s premium branding and labeling services? it’s a match made in heaven.

trendy shirt, old soul: design your own comfort colors shirt

there’s an art to making a brand-new shirt feel familiar. and, for over 45 years, comfort colors ® has been perfecting it. comfort colors® is a trademark owned by gildan – a well-known brand that has been helping us make your dreams come true for years. their apparel is the result of decades of dedication – every thread is thought through, from selecting quality us cotton to perfecting the timeless process of garment dyeing with innovation and the latest technology.

this fusion of style and comfort, produced with ethically-sourced materials, makes them one of the best affordable yet premium quality shirts on the market today. after all, we don’t work with anyone – we choose our partners wisely. so should you.

why opt for custom t-shirts comfort colors offers?

are comfort colors shirts good? “good” would be an understatement – comfort color shirts may be the answer to just about anyone’s wardrobe worries.

made of soft, breathable cotton, they hold their shape and are sure to turn heads. comfort colors custom t-shirts come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and striking colors, so there's sure to be something to suit anyone’s taste. plus, thanks to their high-quality construction, you can expect custom printed comfort colors t-shirts that look great even after multiple wears and washes.

if you’re still unsure if comfort color shirts custom fit into your grand plans, keep scrolling to learn more and do a 180.

premium fabrics for butter-soft feel

comfort colors shirts are the epitome of style and comfort. these masterfully crafted garments are made of premium cotton, so you can trust they'll provide the feel and quality you'd expect from an upscale brand. plus, they’re so butter-soft that it’s easy to forget you're wearing any. after all, you, your co-workers, and customers deserve to be wrapped in buttery-softness.

cutting-edge garment-dye process

comfort colors blanks have become a universal favorite thanks to their unique printable styles that offer a retail-ready product, ideal for screen printing and embroidery. all custom t shirts comfort colors offers are garment-dyed to increase comfort and style – it results in a super-soft, comfortable wear without any shrinkage after washing. this is the star feature and the hallmark of comfort colors shirts – a guaranteed win.

exceptional stitching and an unforgettable fit

when choosing a clothing brand, you can’t go wrong with a global reputation for style and quality. aside from their signature garment-dye process, comfort colors custom t shirts have also achieved well-deserved attention for their exceptional stitching and fit.

the meticulous stitching techniques used during the manufacturing process are second to none, and help boost the overall product quality, allowing you to design a comfort colors shirt that will make your brand the talk of the town.

vast selection

2 categories, 14 styles, and that’s not all. comfort colors draws inspiration from nature itself and uses a specialized process for dyeing resulting in a jaw-dropping range of 79 nature-inspired colors. what more could one ask for?

weather you’re looking to expand your brand or start a branded clothing line with your unique artwork, need personalized merch to promote your brand, or are on the hunt for a reliable supplier, the options are limitless, and the choice? all yours! at apliiq, you call all the shots and design comfort colors shirts however you see fit – we make it happen.

custom design comfort colors shirts with apliiq

with unparalleled style, superior comfort, and premium yet affordable quality, comfort colors custom t-shirts are sure to become one of your favorites! so why wait? with apliiq in the mix, this is a winning combination you don't want to miss out on.

here’s how we put the cherry on top and help you embellish comfort colors shirts with design of your choosing.

embroidery and patches

comfort colors shirts are made of high-quality US cotton – a stable fabric ideal for getting them embroidered with your brand’s name or logo! get your creative juices flowing – we’ll manifest whatever you come up with. make ripples in your industry with comfort colors t-shirts custom made for success!

comfort colors print on demand

customize comfort colors shirts with a unique logo or design to create branded, one-of-a-kind wearable art and produce printed comfort colors t shirts for the books! we use state-of-the-art printing techniques to ensure your comfort colors shirt designs don’t fade or crack. comfort color’s premium manufacturing and materials make them ideal for both digital and screen printing. it’s a win-win!

on top of that, our fully automated print-on-demand feature means you can make only what you need when you need it. this translates to reduced risk and manufacturing costs, plus eliminating the need for storage and inventory. however, the more you buy, the less you pay – we offer discounts of over 55% for bulk orders.

brand like a pro: private and woven labels

take your brand strength to another level by fully branding or private labeling your comfort colors custom t shirts with our private or woven labels, for as low as $.67 per garment.

partner with the masters of product sourcing and have peace of mind knowing you remain federally compliant with all US regulations while relabeling the breath-taking comfort colors custom t shirts as your own.

fulfillment from a-z

whatever comfort colors custom t shirts you opt for, we've got you covered – just let us know about your comfort colors shirts design, and we'll take care of the rest. from on-demand and mass production, to e-commerce platform integration, storage, and light-speed delivery, we’ll handle all fulfillment for you.

start your brand today for $0 – there are no upfront costs or obligations to become an apliiq partner. signing up is 100% free, and you can custom-design a comfort colors shirt in a matter of seconds thanks to our easy-to-use design tool.

want to take things to another level? you can always choose to go premium and gain access to over 50 premium products and limited edition collections that will fly off your virtual shelves before you know it.

two peas in a pod: work your magic with comfort colors custom t-shirts and apliiq

when you're with us, you’re family. our highly-personalized customer service, fast turnaround times, more than 100 years of undisputed apparel expertise under one roof, and competitive prices make us stand out. add your comfort colors t-shirts custom design to the mix and you’ve got the winning combo.

with a brand providing premium blank canvases for your designs and the masters of product sourcing who have what it takes to bring your designs to life, you’ll improve your brand’s strength, match the product quality of big brands and effortlessly steal their thunder.

contact us any time or design a comfort colors shirt now and start your journey to the top!

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