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Create Custom Patches For Your Brand

Create Higher Quality Clothing With Less Cost

When creating clothing collections for headwear and outerwear, it is hard to ignore the massive benefits of decorating them with your own custom branded patches. You and your customers will be blown away by the quality results your brand will get when creating custom patches. Not only will you get stunning quality results consistently, you will also enjoy higher profit margins because you are also using one of the most cost effective ways to decorate apparel. Patches are arguably the cleanest and surely the most cost effective way to decorate headwear from beanies to snapbacks.

3 Secret Reasons Why Big Brands Use Patches In Their Merchandise

  • Consistency - Unlike direct embroidery, patches can be mass produced, allowing for a very high level of consistency in overall presentation of the finished result, especially on garments that aren’t well suited for direct embroidery like fluffy beanies.
  • Placements - Embroidered patches can go in places that direct embroidery simply cannot go, like the sleeve of hoodies.
  • Savings - Brands save a staggering amount of money and produce their products far more cost effectively when using patches.

Make Your Print On Demand Store Feel Pro With Patches

The only problem with running a print on demand online store is that it begins to feel like a print on demand store. Using custom patches can help break up the monotony and help your brand begin to shine and feel like a “real brand.” Customers will also be pleasantly surprised with the amazing quality of the patch products you send to them. Being able to create these insanely popular mainstream products for your print on demand store is a no brainer.

How it Works: Buy In Bulk Use On Demand

Enjoy the amazing discounts when you buy patches in bulk, with prices as low as $2 per patch when you buy 50 patches. There is no need to decide which products to make upfront. This system will sew patches onto whichever products are needed based on exactly what you’ve sold in your store.

  • Step 1: Pick your patch size, upload your artwork and place your order.
  • Step 2: An artist reviews your artwork prior to production and you approve before production.
  • Step 3: Apliiq produces custom patches in bulk, then stocks them for your brand at Apliiq’s manufacturing facilities.
  • Step 4: When your online store gets an order the Apliiq Print On Demand app sends your order to Apliiq’s production facility.
  • Step 5: Your order is made on demand using your patch inventory.

All Inclusive Custom Patch Pricing

All patch pricing includes an artwork review, making the patches, storing your patches for a year, and sewing them in on demand. There is no better deal and no better way to put custom patches to work to build your brand. This solution treats your custom patches as supplies for your clothing brand so that you use only the patches you need when you need them. When you purchase custom patches with Apliiq, you are investing in building happy customers, the ability to create tried and true apparel items on demand, and higher profit margins as compared to direct embroidery. All of these benefits are factored into a single low price for your patches.

Take This Custom Patch Advice From Apparel Experts

At Apliiq, apparel is all we do, day in and day out! And the Apliiq team loves to create premium apparel products for our selling partners. So take it from us that the simple truth of the matter is custom patches will help you create super high margin apparel products, with high quality and high consistency. As your clothing brand matures it’s important that you create products that pad extra profit margin into your business model and custom patches are a key design and aesthetic strategy to do that. Here is a short list of super high margin products to create with your custom patches: patch beanie, patch jacket, and sewing a patch onto a premium hoodie.

Custom Patches, Perfect For Online Sales

The best part about purchasing custom patches is that they can be used to fulfill orders from your online shop using Apliiq’s highly rate shopify or woocommerce app. This means that you don’t have to plan your inventory perfectly upfront. You don’t need to wrestle with tough decisions, like how many XS or XXXL items should I stock and carry. When you use custom patches on demand, Apliiq will sew your patch onto the exact product you specify in the exact size and color that your customer orders. Not only does this approach shield your onlines store from unnecessary financial risk, it is also a more sustainable approach to create apparel collections as it ensures there is no wasted unsold inventory.

How to Setup Artwork for your custom patches

Setting up a great artwork file for custom patches is very similar to the set of rules to follow for direct embroidery. The most important aspects are to control and limit the number of colors within your design and to try to reduce fine details and small text as much as possible. The last little requirement to remember is that while you patch can be any shape it must be a contiguous shape, meaning all of the elements of the artwork must connect together into a single shape. To learn more about how to setup artwork for custom patches checkout Apliiq’s online help file.

How to Choose The Perfect Size & Shape Custom Patches

One really great benefit of custom patches is that you can create them at just about any practical size for sewing them on apparel. So anything from about 1” to about 12” is fair game. Which brings us to the next questions; what is the best size patch to create? Like most design related questions, the answer is in the eye of the beholder, it’s your brand, so ultimately it’s your choice.

However, there are a few important things you should take into account when selecting a patch size. In general, larger patches are more expensive, so if you want a really big patch, the cost to produce the patch could be 2x - 5x more expensive than smaller patch alternatives. When you use large patches, you have to acknowledge that you are creating a very premium product and you will need to charge your end customers accordingly, to ensure your profit margins remain strong. Using small patches are extremely cost effective, especially when replacing traditional direct embroidery.

The other important characteristic to consider while choosing a patch size is that different sized patches will fit onto different products and in different places. Take a large patch for example, if it’s 10” wide, it will be too large to fit on beanies or other headwear. It would even be too big to fit on the left breast of a hoodie. So large patches can basically only be sewn on the front or back of jackets and hoodies. The opposite is also true, smaller patches can be sewn in a ton of different locations and will be available for most products in at least one place. Check out our custom patch placement guide to explore placement options.

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subscriptions embroidered patches 50 Patches Pack Extra Small

design embroidered patches

50 Patches Pack Extra Small (50-extra-small-patches)

100% cotton
subscriptions embroidered patches 50 Patches Pack Small

design embroidered patches

50 Patches Pack Small (50-patch-small)

100% cotton
subscriptions embroidered patches 50 Patches Patch Medium

design embroidered patches

50 Patches Patch Medium (50-medium-patches)

Embroidered patches are an amazing way to create apparel products. They have a raised feel and aesthetic to them versus traditional embroidery. These medium patches are great to build outerwear collections and they will give a larger appearance on hats.
100% cotton
subscriptions embroidered patches 50 Patches Pack Large

design embroidered patches

50 Patches Pack Large (50-large-patches)

Embroidered patches are an amazing way to create apparel products. They have a raised feel and aesthetic to them versus traditional embroidery. These large patches are great to build outerwear collections, like hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts, joggers, or jackets.
100% cotton