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Showcase Your Brand
with Custom Package Inserts

With a little thought and the right package inserts, you can send packages that will make your customers feel like everyday is their birthday. Packaging is much more than generic boxes and boring bubble wrap, it's an experience. And with a small budget and a little planning, you can make the unboxing experience magic!

Power up your deliveries with unique, custom package inserts, and see how your brand grows more each day as you win loyalty and word of mouth marketing from your customers.

What Is an Unboxing Experience?

The unboxing experience is when a customer gets their order and starts unpacking and discovering what’s inside. It’s that exciting feeling of the first moment they look at something they’ve wished for. Adding extra pack-ins give you the opportunity to do the unexpected and ensure it’s a special experience receiving your products.

Why Is Packaging Important?

Packaging is essential because as your customers open the package, they’re getting that vital first impression of you and your brand. And if your products are packed with care, they’ll see you as a thoughtful seller they’d love to repeat business with. And what better way to show them this than with some unique package inserts?

What Is a Package Insert?

A package insert is an item you include with your products as a free bonus. It’s usually a fun, promotional item like a sticker, patch, or promotion. Adding a package insert to your order is an excellent way to promote your brand and build a positive identity with your buyers. Such surprises can be disarming and tap into deep human psychology of altruism. When you reward your customers, they will reward you as well.

Take Your Relationships with Customers
to a Whole New Level

Make It Personal

Package inserts are an excellent way to show your customers you care for them on a personal level. Adding a personal touch like a signed thank you card can leave a great first impression as it lets your buyers know they matter to you.

Show What Your Brand Is About

Here is a quick example; you can use a package insert to show what your brand is about. For example, if you sell eco-friendly apparel, you could add a recycled paper pack-in that let’s customers know your goods are made by hand, only when they are ordered and thank them for caring for the environment too. Such a gesture won’t go unnoticed.

Give Them Something To Talk About

Cool pack-ins are a great way to get the word out about your brand because people will want to share their experience with their friends and family. When you go above and beyond with your brand you are giving people a reason to go out and tell their friends. Andre from Outkast said it best, “I extend myself, so you go out and tell a friend”

Choose Your Pack-In

Pack-in can be anything from thank you cards to branded stickers. All you need to do is choose yours, include them in your orders, and surprise your customers!

Get Started Today

Getting started is a piece of cake. All you need to do is decide what package insert you’d like to add to your orders, send them in, and we’ll take care of the rest.

  • Build Your Brand

    Turn customers into fans with little extras.

  • Make Shipments Special

    Give your shipments a special touch

  • Included when you need them

    Set simple rules for which orders receive your pack ins

  • No Minimum Quantity

    Send in as many as you need

  • Don't break the bank

    Pack ins are great way to add value

  • Dropship Worldwide

    USA, Can, UK, or Aus. 100's of other counties.

Got Pack In Questions?

Get them answered below

  • Do I need to set anything up prior to sending in my pack ins?
    Yes, it only takes a few minutes, get the details here.
  • Can I send in hang tags?
    Yes you can, read more about all the amazing pack ins you can use.
  • What's the cost for pack ins?
    There is a monthly storage fee and per pick fee. Learn about costs here.
  • Can I send in scented pack ins?
    Yes you can, read more about all the amazing pack ins you can use.
  • Is it just one pack in per order?
    No, you can use as many pack ins as you want and set rules about when they are added. Learn more.
  • Does Apliiq make my pack ins?
    No we don't, check our our list of trusted pack in vendors.

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