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We teamed up with John Santos, well know brand building guru and founder of The Ground Up Academy, to share the absolute best way to start a clothing line today. The video starts off with a quick walk through of the exact process your orders will go through as they are being produced. You get to see all the details every step of the way. This includes digital t shirt printing, custom embroidery, and of course private labeling and shipping out your orders.

John was kind enough to offer $100 off the Ground Up Academy For Any Apliiq customer

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Once you have a great idea about the production process for made to order we will give you some great advice on how to plan your first collection, as well as some common do's and dont's for getting your brand started off the right way. We will also touch on why to keep your collections small and how that helps you align your marketing to your merchandising, an absolute key for crushing sales in todays online environment.

Get a 14 Day FREE trial to start private labeling for your brand.

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Next John will walk you through how to get the Apliiq Dropshipping App installed and also get a free 14 day trial of Shopify to get your store going immediately.

John will also show you how to design your products using the Apliiq online design tool. Including how to upload high resolution artwork and leave precise notes on your design so you get exactly the samples you want to get started. Next, he will quickly show you how to order a sample of the product. Most importantly, we will show you exactly how to push your design to Shopify and have it linked for Apliiq on Demand production. You are well on your way to getting your clothing line started.

John will also give you a quick walk through of getting Shopify store up and running and provide some sound advice around product photography. He will also show you how easy it is to customize your store to get it looking good for your big launch. He doesn't walk through every step of getting a store setup, but gives you a pretty good idea of what it's going to take.

We will also walk you through the basics of marketing an online clothing line, including getting your social media accounts setup, and creating a squeeze page to start gathering email address from prospective customers. He offers some great advice on the types of content to share before the launch of your line.

One of the reasons we love to use Shopify is they make it so easy to begin capturing payments from your customers. Lastly, we will touch on an often asked question about when is the best time to start filing proper business paperwork like a business license or LLC.

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