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You Can Now Make
Limited Edition Collections

Create premium collections

of 50 or 100 items

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Create Rabid Fans For Your Brand

Elevate your next collection to collectable status. Unique numbering for each item lets your fans know their item is special. When you limit the number of items available, your fans need to decide quickly, so your drop sells out in minutes.

Premium & Luxury Clothing

Let your customer’s know that what you are building is special by offering premium apparel. Use Apliiq’s extensive catalog of premium products, add your branding, relabel the garments, add printing or embroidery, then add your limited edition labels. The result is a premium collection that any luxury brand owner will be proud of.

How It Works
Produced In Bulk Fulfilled On Demand

Using Apliiq’s limited edition labels is easier than you think. Simply book a quick call with our team and we will get labels added to your account. Create your saved design in your account, add the limited edition subscription, and place your bulk order. Apliiq will produce your bulk order and store it in our warehouse. When your customer’s purchase, we will pick, pack, and fulfill your limited edition items.

Let's Create Value

Apliiq is your value creation partner. Apliiq exists to push the limits of possible. Use expertise in fashion and manufacturing to make impossible things possible for your brand.

  • Unique Numbering

    Each Product is labeled as one of a set.

  • Ultra Premium

    Your fans will know when they lay hands on it.

  • Obey USA Labeling laws

    We handle everything for you

  • Your Brand

    Use these along with Apliiq's other branding tools

  • Insanely Cost Effective

    Labeling Is Extremely Cost Efficient

  • Ship Worldwide

    USA, Can, UK, or Aus. 100's of other counties.

Source From Millions Of Skus

When manufacturing collections in bulk, your garment options expand. Tap into Apliiq’s network of millions of skus to choose from. There are limitless options to what you can create and brand as limited edition collections, and our team can help you source the perfect fit for your collection. Talk to real experts from the Apliiq team that have touched, worn, and held products.

You've Got Questions

Get them answered below

  • How much to limited edition tags cost?
    $2 per tag, which includes producing and storing your tags.
  • Is there any branding on the tags?
    The tags are unbranded. You can add branding to your products with all of Apliiq's other services.
  • How long does it take to produce labels?
    The labels will be available immediately, when in stock.
  • What premium products does Apliiq recommend?
    You can find out favorites here.
  • Do I need to place the bulk order before selling the products?
    We recommend to manufacture the bulk order prior to selling online, so Apliiq can ship your orders out as quickly as possible.
  • What types of products does this work with?
    Any product that Apliiq can sew a tag on, you can now create a limited edition collection with.
  • Where can limited edition tags be sewn onto garments?
    Check out this label placement guide for folded tags!
  • Can I use my tags on demand?
    No, these tags are only available for bulk orders.
  • How do I get the tags?
    Book a call with our team to discuss setting up your drop! We are here to help.
  • Is this good for brands just getting started?
    No, we recommend this only for established brands that have a proven track record of sales.
  • I've sold out my first collection, how do I start my second one?
    Please schedule another call with our team.
  • Why isn't this good for just starting out.
    Until you've proven demand for your products, we recommend using print on demand.
  • How much do you charge for holding and shipping out the collection?
    Please see our warehouse pricing.
  • Can I use this label with my other labels?
    Yes, of course!
  • Can I use limited edition tags across multiple products?
    No, each limited edition tag is for a single product design.

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