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custom t shirts

with your woven label

you can now design
fashion quality custom t shirts
with your artwork on the label

design your t shirt tags

Printed T Shirts

Print your artwork
to create classic custom t shirts

take me to print

Women's T Shirts

T Shirt styles that women love

this way ladies!

only available at Apliiq

Applique T Shirts

fill simple artwork, letters, and shapes with patterns. cut and sew your artwork outta fabric.

for real? yes, for real.

Custom Woven Labels

Perfect for brands
get your woven label
sewn in your shirts

i need my woven labels

Custom Embroidery

Embroidery is a high quality option for custom t shirts

help me turn my artwork into embroidery

pocket tees

are the new

custom t shirts

you can now create
fashion forward custom t shirts
with your artwork on the pocket

take me to pocket goodness


more than one way to print custom t shirts

Smart brands offer both graphic and pocket tees and there is a reason why. Pocket tees are a fashionable way to create strong lifestyle products.

create a pocket tee

Why Private Label?

It's the professional way to brand custom t shirts

There is a reason all professional fashion brands use woven labels. They are the most cost effective & high quality way to brand products.

learn about this subscription service