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the apliiq story

your quest to create

Ethan woke up, just barely. What happened last night?

It was definitely a blur, but vivid images of last night keep flashing through his head. It was without a doubt, a barn burner, a rager of a costume party. His karate kid outfit was definitely a winner.

Since Ethan started at University Of Pennsylvania, something was missing.

He wasn’t quite sure what it was, but in his morning stupor he saw the powerful, bold flower symbol on the karate kid headband hanging on his dorm room door knob.

It was starting to come together. He missed his mother’s fabric collection, stacks of vintage florals and plaids, just collecting dust in the basement.

And he missed the feeling of creating. The pride in self expression. Sure there was school work to be done, but it was learning not creating.

That night, in a flash of inspiration, Ethan took his karate kid headband and sewed it into the hood of his favorite hoodie.

In just a few moments he created the hoodie that started it all. His stitching was poor and crafty, but the hoodie looked clean, it was a real standout piece. Ethan had never seen anything like it.

The next day he proudly rocked his new hoodie. People took notice of the hoodie, and a few even asked if he would make one for them.

His creation immediately lead to more creation and even better, it paid for his work, a self-reinforcing cycle began.

Soon he was making custom gear for his friends and community all over Philly.

Instead of making the same hoodie for everyone, he bought a few different fabrics and let his friends choose which fabric they wanted. It just felt right to involve people in the creative process.

Ethan instinctually knows everyone is creative, and there’s a huge rush of positive energy when we awaken that creativity. What better way than being fueled by the excitement and pride of wearing something you designed.

From then on, Ethan resolved to fight for your self expression. To fight for your art. to fight for your brand. to fight for your creative entrepreneurship.

From then on, Ethan resolved to liberate your self expression. To promote your art. to exalt your brand. to empower your creative entrepreneurship.

ethan graduated, founded apliiq, and moved the company to downtown los angeles. he started apliiq to provide a platform for creative expression.

a place where you can start and grow your brand and where people who make clothing care as much about it as the people who wear it.

a place where you can design and manufacture clothing like nowhere else in the world.

we are apliiq, a community of individuals, creatives, and artists dedicated to empowering creative entrepreneurship for those that aspire to create something great.