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custom appliqué clothing for your brand

appliqué clothing samples & bulk orders on demand

most popular appliqué products

Your custom appliqué will turn out great!

Here's why

  • Feature Your Artwork

    Turn block letters and shapes into applique.

  • Real Humans

    All artwork reviewed by artists to get the results you want.

  • 2 weeks turn around

    Get your appliqued gear fast!

  • No Minimums

    Make a sample hoodie or hundreds!

  • Buy More Save More

    The more you buy the more you save with bulk discounts.

  • Never Seen Before

    Blow minds, show them something new.

unleash your creativity with appliqué clothing:
discover how to create one-of-a-kind products

are you ready to take your brand game to the next level? we teamed up with bella+canvas to share our secrets on creating jaw-dropping custom appliqué pieces in a quick and fun video! you'll learn how to transform basic garments into wearable works of art that truly reflect your unique personality and style.   so what are you waiting for? grab a snack, sit back, and get ready to be inspired while mastering the ins and outs of custom appliqué clothing!

Appliqué Hoodies

stitch or print patch your unique artwork onto your hoodies

start an appliqué hoodie design

Appliqué Sweatshirts

classic 90's style crewneck sweatshirts with your appliqué artwork

design an appliqué sweatshirt

how custom appliqué elevates your brand

are you tired of the same old boring clothing? it's time to shake things up – step up and show the world something they've never seen before! when you translate your artwork in an entirely new way, you can unlock the power of new perspectives and aesthetics. using fabric to embellish your products shares an artist's rendition of your artwork and your brand with your audience. 

be the industry trailblazer that makes jaws drop and eyes widen in awe. the world is waiting for your unique perspective, so go out there and dazzle them with applique clothing – a new way to create awesome hoodies and other fleece products!

not sure how to get started? we recommend an appliqué hoodie

your ultimate custom appliqué clothing partner:
because your art deserves  the best

are you looking for a custom appliqué partner that you can trust with your precious artwork? you  just found one! we're not just any old appliqué provider – we're the family you needed to ing your artistic vision to life.

our team of undisputed apparel experts and skilled artisans take pride in delivering top-quality results worth spreading the word about. we don't cut corners or settle for anything less than perfection when creating your custom appliqué masterpiece. from the initial tracing of your artwork onto sumptuous fabrics to the final sewing of your appliqué onto your chosen garment, every step is handled with the utmost care and attention to detail.

but don't just take our word for it – check out our most recent customer reviews! our satisfied clients rave about our professionalism, craftsmanship, and ability to turn their artistic dreams into reality. so why settle for anything less? get ready to turn heads with your wearable appliqué art.

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  • 4.7


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appliqué Joggers

fashion-forward premium joggers with your custom applique patches or artwork

design a pair

appliqué T Shirts

custom applique your artwork on t-shirts and tank tops.

make applique t shirts

your ultimate custom appliqué clothing partner:
because your art deserves  the best

attention fashionistas and art lovers alike! let us introduce you to the magical world of appliqué – it's like a fabric stencil on steroids! what is an example of appliqué? picture this: we take your stunning artwork, trace it onto a premium fabric, and then expertly cut out that shape to be sewn onto a garment of your choice. the result? a wearable masterpiece that's one-of-a-kind and absolutely jaw-dropping.

but wait, there's more! as you might have guessed, at apliiq, appliqué isn't just your average print – it's a game-changer. gorgeous repeating patterns become cropped or masked by the shape of your applique patches, creating a truly original piece that's unlike anything else out there. so don't settle for ordinary – make extraordinary your new standard. choose appliqué and let your art shine on the virtual shelves and beyond.

still not sure what appliqué is? in need of some inspo? check out some examples below! 

  • letters and numbers work great
    letters and numbers are perfect to be cut outta fabric!
  • applique hoodie detail example
    yes, that incredible shape is cut out of fabric and sewn directly into the hoodie.

starting a clothing line? tap into the power of fusing appliqué with custom labels

you can get your own woven label sewn into your appliqued clothing! our custom-woven labels are the cherry on top of the personalization your brand was looking for.

  • add a woven label to your custom hoodie
    don't overlook a woven label!
  • woven labels often overlooked, but crucial detail
    nothing elevates quality better than a woven label