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Apliiq Shopify App

Partner up with us and Shopify so your eCommerce partner and your manufacturing partner can work seamlessly together. This app will automatically keep your Apliiq account and your Shopify store in sync.

Great For:

  • Existing brands looking for higher quality apparel products on demand.
  • New fashion brands serious about creating quality apparel.
  • Retail brands looking to expand online.

The app will:

  • Allow you to post your saved designs for sale in your Shopify Store.
  • Automatically or manually process orders from your Shopify Store.
  • Hold your brand supplies like woven tags and embroidered patches.
  • Make and ship your products in about a week.
  • Send tracking information to your Shopify store, so your customers are notified.
  • White label shipping, so the packages look like you shipped them.

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