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Welcome to Apliiq's Eco-Friendly Apparel Collection, where sustainability meets style in every stitch. Our commitment to the planet is woven into every garment, ensuring that fashion-forward individuals like you can make a statement without leaving a heavy footprint. Explore our curated selection of eco-conscious clothing, thoughtfully designed and crafted with the environment in mind. From soft organic cotton basics to cutting-edge recycled polyester blends, each piece embodies the ethos of responsible fashion. Embrace the future of fashion with our eco-friendly options, including: Organic Cotton Essentials: Luxuriously soft and responsibly sourced, our organic cotton basics offer comfort without compromise. Perfect for everyday wear, these timeless pieces elevate your wardrobe while minimizing environmental impact. Recycled Polyester Performance Wear: Push the boundaries of eco-conscious activewear with our range of recycled polyester garments. Designed to keep pace with your active lifestyle, these performance-driven pieces combine sustainability with superior functionality. Sustainable Prints and Embroidery: Add a personal touch to your wardrobe with our eco-friendly printing and embroidery services. Whether you opt for direct-to-garment printing or intricate embroidery, rest assured that your custom designs are created using eco-friendly inks and techniques. Upcycled and Vintage-Inspired Styles: Embrace individuality with our upcycled and vintage-inspired apparel. Each piece tells a story, blending timeless aesthetics with modern sensibility for a truly unique look. At Apliiq, we believe that fashion should be as ethical as it is stylish. Join us in our mission to redefine the industry one stitch at a time, and shop our Eco-Friendly Apparel Collection today. Together, let's make sustainable fashion the new standard.
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kids & babies tshirts Organic Kids T Shirt

design tshirts

Organic Kids T Shirt (US2001K)

This 100% certified organic cotton shirt is super soft and a great everyday wear for kids. It's made with pesticides free organic cotton. Not only does it feel good to wear, it feels great to buy a product you know is human and earth friendly.
US Blanks
100% organic cotton
2 - 8
$8.25 - $29.25 more pricing
womens bags Eco Canvas Tote

design bags

Eco Canvas Tote (US221)

This new environmentally made eco tote not only is made from recycled plastic and organic cotton. It reduces waste each time you use it instead of a plastic or paper bag at the grocery store.
US Blanks
50% organic cotton / 50% RPET polyester
one size
$9.50 - $61.10 more pricing