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how to design the most loved pocket tees around

southerwestern pocket tee

southwestern fabric pocket on an athletic heather gray t shirt

design & buy

Pocket tees are an iconic product that feature a beautiful sewn pocket in the left breast area of a shirt. We are here to help you design and create pocket tee awesomeness.

got a group?

three ways to design pocket tees with your artwork.

the only way to make your classic pocket tees better is to put your artwork on it. discover our 3 approaches that guarentee great results to combine your artwork with pocket tees.

  • combine popular fabric with print

    print on the back and pocket on the front

    choose from one of our most popular fabrics & print your artwork on the back of the shirt.

    start your pocket
  • your artwork looks great as a pocket

    your artwork as a pocket

    the pocket is the the perfect place to highlight your artwork on a t shirt.

  • use embroidery to put your group 1st

    embroidery on pocket

    create iconic pocket tees and embroider them with your artwork.

    start your pocket

here are three different t shirts to start your pocket tee

  • classic pocket tee

    From $20.00

    This is a unisex 100% cotton t shirt, which features high quality construction, traditional fit, and produced to fit almost any budget.

  • go softer, with a super soft pocket tee

    From $27.00

    We love an ultra soft shirt as much as anyone else. This unisex 50% cotton 50% polyester blended shirt features a fitted cut and extrordinary softness.

  • get the most attractive pocket tee, a women’s cut

    From $26.00

    Sorry guys, women are the better half. This pocket tee features a women’s cut and a tastefully tapered pocket.

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    April 30, 2015
    John from Texas
    You're the best as it gets. All my tops are all Apliiq.
    April 24, 2015
    Spencer from Canada
    Can't get better! Very cool shirt and I love it. Actually arrived two days ago and I wore it yesterday.
    April 18, 2015
    Yasmeen from Illinois
    You got the highest rating! The t-shirts came out amazing and everyone in our organization loved them! Thank you to the art department for working with me to ensure that the t-shirts were exactly the way we wanted them. I will recommend your company to other student organizations on campus.

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