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American Apparel WTF - Part Duh

Published on Jan 23, 2017

Since American Apparel has declared bankruptcy and has been acquired by Gildan, there have been major disruptions to their supply chain. They are no longer manufacturing many of their styles and even their most basic garments are not being replenished. While we love the American Apparel brand for their commitments to worker’s rights and to manufacturing in downtown Los Angeles, we are forced to look elsewhere for a high quality base manufacturer. In our search for the best high quality blank manufacturer, we are truly impressed with the Bella+Canvas product line and the company’s commitment to human and environmental concerns. Effective immediately, the vast majority of American Apparel garments on the Apliiq website have been transferred to the closest possible Bella+Canvas product. In some cases there is no perfect match for some American Apparel base garments and in such cases, those products have been removed from the Apliiq website and offering. All of your saved designs and previous orders on American Apparel base garments have been moved to the closest Bella+Canvas garment. All future orders made with American Apparel garments will be fulfilled on Bella+Canvas. If you loved American Apparel we are confident that you will be pleased with the quality, construction, and fit of the Bella+Canvas products.

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