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how it works

how to sell streetwear online

& earn profit, risk free

design amazing gear to build your brand

Use our online design tools to create the streetwear of your dreams.

Create A Campaign In Just A Few Minutes

Reach your customers with an online campaign page. Your campaign page features a headline and description for you to tell your customers exactly what makes your brand and mission unique and amazing!

Set Your Sales Goal

Set the minimum number of items you will sell in order for your campaign to be successful. The higher the sales goal you set, the more you will make on every item you sell!

set the price that works for your customers

That’s right! You are in control. Set the exact price that you’d like to sell your product for.

Earn Profits And Get Rid Of That Empty Wallet

You know exactly how much profit you will make for each sale before you start your campaign.

Control Your Own Timeframe

Set a timeframe for your campaign to run. You can take up to a month to reach your sales goal. Or if you have the following and audience, run a one hour flash sale and earn your scratch in a single hour.

Sell Online

Simply share your campaign link with your family, friends and followers. The better you market and sell your products the more money you make. Use social media posts and ads to target your customers and drive traffic to your campaign.

Leave Manufacturing & Shipping To Apliiq

Once your campaign ends and you have crushed your sales goal, Apliiq handles the rest. Yep, that’s right there is NOTHING you have to do except sit back and collect your profits. Our team of expert manufacturers creates your products and ships them directly to your customers.

Beat your Goal

Once you reach your sales goal don’t stop selling. You can continue selling products till the end of your campaign and you continue to earn your profit for each item you sell.

start your campaign