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why your labels should always come first

5 Reasons To Start A Clothing Line With Apliiq

new neck label product from Apliiq
  1. Start with your brand first.

    new pocket label from Apliiq for Any Flannel

    Of course, you have artistic skills, a compelling purpose and the passion to fulfill your purpose. Well let’s take all those things and craft a killer brand, before you make a single custom t shirt.


    Your brand is your promise to your customers. It’s job is to clearly communicate the benefit you will deliver to your customers in exchange for their hard earned money.

    There is no better approach to make a quality brand impact than your woven label. That is exactly why Apliiq Brands starts with creating your woven labels that can be added to any design you create in Apliiq Design.

    Ok, so you know Apliiq can white label your products for you, but are we the right partner for you?

  2. new hat label product from Apliiq

    Why The Right Partner Makes All The Difference

    Starting a clothing line is a lot of work. That is why it is important to decide which tasks you are going to do yourself and which ones you are not.

    In most cases it simply doesn’t make sense to create the apparel all by yourself, because you will quickly spend more time cutting, printing, and sewing than marketing and developing your brand.

    Apliiq Brands supports emerging clothing lines as a trusted partner to provide great design and quality manufacturing. And we know a lot about starting a clothing line, because we have done it ourselves.

    So now that you have a quality branding approach and an experienced partner that understands your needs, time for the fun part, starting your designs.

  3. How To Grow Your Brand With Great Design

    new product label on bags

    Apliiq Design puts creativity first. Use fabrics, ink, and thread to make your designs come to life. Using a single design platform will save you time and money and you have the simplicity of working with a single provider.

    Most importantly you can design much more than the simple printed t shirt that every other startup brand makes. Now that is a solution that will set your designs apart.

    Every design is reviewed by an artist to ensure it will come out perfectly.

    Now that you feel the freedom to design custom t shirts a different way, wouldn’t it be great to see one before you order a bunch?

  4. Why Samples Will Save You Time And Money

    new product pants label

    Designing online is great because it allows you to experiment and play to find a design that you love. But once you love it online, how do you know that you will love it in real life?

    At Apliiq we only create high quality products and we’d love for every customer to see a finished product before placing a bulk order.

    You should feel as confident as we do that you are going to love the product. That’s why there are no minimums on Apliiq Design, feel free to order your samples.

    But what happens once you have ordered your samples and you absolutely love them?

  5. How To Save a Ton Of Money With Bulk Discounts

    order in bulk to maximize your discount

    There are few things more important than managing your budget when starting your clothing line. That is why we automatically apply a bulk discount to every order. Any time you add something to your cart we apply the best bulk discount possible.

    It gets even better, the more items you buy, the higher the discount is, and the more you save. You can also mix and match designs to buy an entire clothing line to achieve the highest discount possible.

    Okay, so you have a strong brand, a trusted partner with great design tools, a simple way to order samples and you can save a ton on bulk orders. You are well on your way to starting your own clothing line.

The Perfect Partner

to start your clothing line