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Ever since Apliiq launched their interactive online retail platform, they have made it their express mission to transform young America from a mass of walking billboards to a generation empowered by fashion autonomy.

- Will Schmidt, Tech Co
jordan witzigreuter, the ready set
branden ratcliff and jared poythress, vindata
anand wilder, yeasayer
adam devine, workaholics

The reason I like Apliiq so much is because no one is going to have the stuff you're wearing because you customized it yourself on their website! You don't have to worry about running into someone who has the same jacket as you because you customized it... Duh!

- Jacob Keller, Always Fresh Apparel
Balld Eagles, dodgeball team based in Eagle Rock, California
East Coast Celebrity Elite, dance team based in Oakdale, Connecticut

Apliiq went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied with our jackets! The quality surpassed our expectations. The 97.1 AMP Radio Promotions Crew were getting complimented left and right.Our crew members still rock their Apliiq wear to this day. We would highly recommend clothing by Apliiq.

- Rita Manoukian, 97.1 AMP Radio
Bobbo hiking in Canada, 11/8/13
Chosenbrosen, rocking his custom Dark Garden hoody, 2/24/14
Enrique and his brother in their own custom hoodies! Now that's the fabric fam, 1/26/14
Danny in San Franny reppin the world in his Going Global club jacket, 12/7/13

Thanks so much! I love your products and customizing services. You guys rock!

- Kellyn G, customer, 6/3/14
Booger in his custom hoody, 11/16/13
Alex sporting his custom pocket tee, 3/24/14
Zoe playing dress up, 7/8/13
Niko, lover of animals & animal prints, 5/11/14

I was pleasantly surprised to feel the great quality of the tee shirts I ordered for my son. When I read the tag and saw that the shirt was made in the USA, I was thrilled!

- Amy G, 4/25/14
Cory Wharton, Real World, 4/11/14
BBJerk, X-Factor, 11/14/13
Michael Grant Terry and TJ Thyne, Bones, 6/15/11
Breakbot, Visiting Apliiq Workshop, 4/3/13

I got the hoody yesterday, thank you so much for your help. I wanted to tell you guys how much I love your stuff, and I really appreciate your amazing service. Thanks again!

- Adam Z, customer, 12/12/13
Amy Pham, CA, 7/11/13
Leighton, IL, 2/26/14
Cakesterr, FL, 12/3/13
Stada, NY, 8/8/12

OMG!!! THANK YOU GUYS SOOOOO MUCH!!... LOVE MY HOODIE...I will definitely be buying more!!! I'm so impressed Thanks Apliiq!

- Chris C, customer, 6/4/14

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