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founded on fabric

the fabric scene

nested deep in the fabric district of downtown Los Angeles there is a forest of color, pattern, and fabric branching out into the bustling city streets. a fabric hunt is going on and apliiq is leading the charge.

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founded on fabric
our cup of tea

We are not afraid to dig through the cluttered back warehouses and have tea with the forefathers who run the fabric district, all in search of the freshest of the fresh and the dopest of the dope. Even after countless hours of scouring these back streets, we only select a few premiere gems to join our fabric collection.

founded on fabric
cop a feel

Once the fabric is in our hands, we photograph it as a flat image to give you the best possible representation of the pattern detail and color. We then shoot extreme close up shots to showcase each woven fiber, the texture they create, and the way light bounces off their threads.

founded on fabric
your story

In over half a decade of hunting, we’ve amassed over 500 rare, deadstock and popular fabrics. Our collection includes some of the worlds best and most sought after gems. start your hunt today in our fabric library and discover which fabric tells your story.

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