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designed by you

a little inspiration

Take inspiration from the world around you. Don’t let the lame ducks get you down. in a world where everyone has a plain white tee and pleated khaki pants, be the splash of color that spices it up. Most people blend in, but you are among the bold few who dare to stand out.

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designed by you
soup it up

with your favorite fabric and garment, you’re ready to make it pop! use your fabric to control where people look. pick your patches wisely to make them look twice! when they see it, they’ll be shocked you have fabric and color there. your friends will ask, your mom will wonder, your teachers will stare. that’s when you know you’re in apliiq..

design your own
designed by you
the right fabric

you relate with a fabric because the hue is your favorite color, the pattern is visceral, reminiscent of the past, and it speaks to you! it’s gonna blow people away! you keep that in mind as you rummage through the apliiq collection. Now, that’s how you select a fabric.

designed by you
the right garment

you have that one article of clothing that is way past it’s expiration date, that worn out hoody or holey t-shirt that fits you perfectly in every way. you know it’s time to lay that piece of your life to rest and resurrect your favorite clothing. no matter what it is you have retired, apliiq has a new treasure in stock. Now, that is how you choose a garment.