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How to setup a custom store

What Does A Custom Store Do For Me?

A custom store on Apliiq gives you the ability to enter drop shipping transactions and to setup and utilize white labeled packaging. If you are using an eCommerce platform that Apliiq doesn’t have a supported app you can use a custom store to manually enter your orders so that Apliiq can fulfill them for you.

Please note; Apliiq will not automatically receive orders from your custom store. It is your responsibility to enter the transactions.

Get A Custom Store Setup In Minutes

Setting up a custom store is simple and only take a few minutes. Go to your stores page and click the “add a new store” button. In the pop up window give your store a name. We recommend naming the store something that identifies where you will be selling the goods. This is important in case you decide to setup more than one store in the future. Then simply select the “custom store” option radio button and the “save” button. You have just created your custom store!

Get White Labeled Packages For Your Dropship Orders

Once you have created your store, head over to your dropshipping setup page to setup your shipping label option. Simply enter your address to setup a ship from location for your orders that will be used on your packing slips and shipping labels. It is step 3 of your launch checklist.

Take a minute and make order entry easier

On your payments methods page you can also setup a default credit card. Setting up a default card will simply store your card information within the Apliiq platform so you don’t have to re-enter it for each dropshiping order you enter. This little trick can save time when placing your dropshipping orders online.